Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The home away from home.


Tightly niched, with friendly staff


The weather in Edinboro isn't always the best but the school itself is a quality atmosphere with teachers who are willing to get to know the students and classmates that you will become friends with forever.


Edinboro University is the most judgement free community I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of.


The academics are good, but how things are run makes it very hard to stay happy on this campus.


I had a great college experience at Edinboro University: meeting life long friends, getting to know a diverse population, excelling academically and athletically, and finding a job upon graduating.


It's a school like any other, nothing is good or bad. All I know is that I am getting the best education.


My campus is aesthetic, filled with students willing to help each other.


Not Art Friendly, despite the majority percentage is that of Art Students.


Edinboro University is an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, one-on-one sized school that provides equal opportunities to all it's students.


Entering Edinboro University, one will immediately notice the unique bond developed among students. Similar to that of a family, through academic integrity and friendship, students and faculty alike share an uncommon connection. In addition to this comfort, Edinboro offers a large source of inspiration to promote uniqueness, variety, diversity, and pursuit of one's dreams. Musically and artistically inclined, students can tap this source by simply observing the products of their fellow's creative ingenuity.


Edinboro is a public university, and attracted me with its prominent Media Arts and Animation program (voted among the top in the nation.)


Edinboro is a small, safe campus that gives students the help and support that they need in order to develop skills needed for a sucessful career in the work force and the professors are helpful and very knowledgable in the subject that they teach.


Edinboro University is a great choice for anyone.


Edinboro University offers a great education, chances for student interaction, athletic success, and a chance for me to become a better person both on and off campus.


Edinboro University has a caring and supportive staff as well as having a small-town community atmosphere in which everyone feels welcome.


A place where you can learn and grow in body and mind, but also make lasting friendships and connections with the university.


Edinboro is an active school that focuses on, but is not limited to, art, education, and nursing majors while offering a variety of clubs and activities.


Small liberal arts college in a small college town with a somewhat active city nearby and plenty of outdoor activities.


diverse, well organised and a close community


Edinboro University of Pennsylvania is a culturally diverse institution which encourages students to pursue job opportunities pertaining to their interests with the help of focused and driven professors, many of which are professionals in their given field, set in a quaint home-town styled pocket of the Northwestern section of Pennsylvania.


Edinboro University is gradually catching up to date with other universities. It is definitely improving ever year since I have been there.


My school is small but comfortable.


My school is basically dead most of most of the time.


Edinboro is a well-rounded campus that offers students who are interested in a smaller campus and all academic areas a chance to excell at.


Edinboro is a great place to grow and learn at the same time and it prepares you for the adult world while porviding you with that safe feeling.


boring sometimes


Lack of modivation.


Edinboro is smaller school that allows you to get more individual based time with professors. The professors here at Edinboro want to see you succeed and will do everything in their power to help you do so. At Edinboro there is a large variety of people, meeting new and interesting people is very easy here.