Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Edinboro University of Pennsylvania? Why?


The worst thing about my school would have to be the winter weather. Mostly because it's in North West Pennsylvania and right smack in the snow belt, so just a ton of snow and below freezing temperatures.


I think the worst thing about Edinboro is the lecture classes. I had much difficulty in the lecture classes because there were about 100 people and only one teacher, this made it very hard to have one-on-one time with the teacher.


I believe the worst thing is that a lot of students who commute do not get involved on campus. I also think that people complain that nothing ever happens here but they are unwilling to participate in all the activities that are ocurring.


The worst thing would probably be how large the campus is. Walking across the campus in the winter is pretty tough. However, I love how big the campus is because there are so many opportunities right at your fingertips.


This school is located in a small town. It is very quaint, but the amount of things to do can be limited.


In my experience, I have taken a couple professors who are 'less-than-admirable' in terms of ethical choices, consistency, and fairness. In addition to this, while my school's prices are among the most affordable, it is still incredibly difficult to maintain my attendance- without parental support, even the cheapest college can cripple a working student.


The only negative aspect of Edinboro University is the price of books and classes.


Edinboro is in the snowbelt and, obviosuly, gets a lot of snow, which occassionally means that the walkways are not clear in the early mornings, although maintence always has them cleared as quickly as they can.


The worst thing about Edinboro University is the limited space for seating in required courses. It is good that we had a good student to teacher status however with the increase amount of students at the school each year it is hard to grab a seat for all the required classes you may need during the semester and times you may desire them to be. I wish at lease they could schedule more courses for classes need with problem with trying to overload in a class, or not being able to take the class at all.


What I don't like is that there isn't enough funding for the Arts. My school doesn't have the money for better equipment in the film and animation studios, the only way they are able to replace parts is by student studio fees every semester but it's still not enough. We need the money to be able to learn new computer software and to compete with other colleges.