Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Edinboro University of Pennsylvania?


Someone who doesn't want to be far from home.


Someone who is not dedicated and strong willed to push themselves through their classwork and social work. The campus does not provide or walk students through a lot of essential steps so students who are not ontop of their education or worry about getting everything from their college experience should not go here. It is good to be responsible and caring about your classes and overall gpa. To be a student who isn't dedicated to their education and social life at college should not come to edinboro or they will feel incredibly overwhelmed.


Someone that is not career oriented and hard-working should not attend this school.


There really is something for everyone here at Edinboro University just because there are so many majors here; I believe the only kind of person who shouldn't go here is the kind of person who just isn't right for college at all.


If you don't like the cold this school may not be for you.


I think the only sort of person who should not attend Edinboro Universty is one who does not like to meet new people. I think that goes for any college really.


Someone who shouldn't attend Edinboro University is someone who just wants to party their life away and doesn't want a real education. Also, someone who shouldn't attend the school is someone who is from the big city and can't get used to a small town and a small university as well.


There is no one person who shouldn't attend. However if a student isn't crazy about an environment that snows alot and has only a handful of things they can do directly on campus then I would suggest not coming here. There are things to do on campus, it's just most of the things people do here have come from their own ideas and bouts of randomness.


Someone who wishes to attend this school is looking at cost, overall education, and campus life oppotunities, Edinboro offers an above standard education at minimal cost. Also, students have countless clubs, greek life opportunities, athletic oppotunities, and educational opportunities available to them at any given moment.


A person that enjoys the hustle and bustle of a big city and does not take a liking for the cold and snow should not attend Edinboro University.