Edmonds Community College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


This is my first quarter at this college and so far my experience has been great!!

Catherine M

Edmonds Community College is a really nice school if you like to be around the younger generation. A lot of the high schools around the area feeds into EDCC for college, running start, or just a place to hang out. There is also a lot of out of country people or people that uses English as a second language. It's fairly tough to make connections because of this language barrier, they tend to stick with the same cultural groups, but when you find people that you get along with you tend to network yourself with people that you get along with. The teachers are all fairly young and have pretty good teaching styles, a majority of them try making jokes but don't execute the joke properly or they have to explain why it was funny (Their explanation is more funny than the actual joke). Overall a really nice school, I just wish the exterior of the school looked as nice as the people make the school seem.