Edward Waters College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend school is a person willing to learn and to be opened minded. I also feel this person should have patients because the process don't move that fast.


The kind of person that see's themself to be a successful in there future. This school is particularly for students who want great life experiences while learning how to live a subtancial way of living in there chosen career or degree plan for that matter.


The kind of person that should this college is a person who is really determined and know what they want to become as a graduate of this institution. Also, a person who doesn't have a problem with diversity and someone who loves small class sizes and more hands-on teaching. Finally, a person who loves to speak to thier professor on a one on one basis.


I attend a HBCU but there is not really a prefered student all are welcomed.