Elgin Community College Top Questions

Describe how Elgin Community College looks to someone who's never seen it.


There are two kinds of people who attend Elgin Community College; those who are driven and work hard while they are there, do their work and get out, and those who never leave, they end up going to community college forever and living in their hometown forever.


My school is very clean. The proffesors seem very eager to teach. In every syllabus that I've received there is a list of when the instructors are in their office. All of my proffesors stay after class to answer individual questions that the students might have. They offer all of their support to their students and only ask for equal enthusiasm from the students. My school is very welcoming and sncouraging towards those who want an education.


My school is a place where old people, young people, people from different ethnic and social backgrounds, and people with different levels of schooling meet to help one another achieve their goals.