Elgin Community College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Elgin Community College?


There is no open gym for students. The gym is only open for athletes. Because it is a community college, there are not that many clubs and groups to take part in. The class selection can be very little some semesters. The number of honors classes offered is very limited. Some semesters specific classes are not even offered.


The apathy among the student body is probably the most annoying thing about my school. So many students just don't care about their studies, friendships, or extra-curricular activities. Because it's a community college, most students don't take it seriously. For a student who actually does care about ttheir education, it's frustrating to be around this attitude. It's also difficult to push yourself to succeed. When you're able to look like a high-flying over-achiever in comparison without even trying, it's tough to remind yourself to actually work at your education.


You get dropped from classes for non-payment. Students must have to take college 101, which is the most pointless class ever. Finding parking is difficult. My macroecon teacher sucks.