Elizabethtown College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It is expensive.


The worst thing about the school is sometimes it is somestimes frustrating when trying to complete all your school work and get your social life satisfied. This is because there is usually a lot going on and you want to participate in it all, but you also have school work to consider.


The ratio of women to men is 60 women to 40 men...and can result in a bit of girl drama from time to time.


the weather is so cold because its on the hill. i dont have a car my first year so im stuck up at school sometimes


The worst thing about our school is that it is not very ethnically or racially diverse. This is important because it creates an atmosphere with varying viewpoints that challenge set ideas and morals students have been taught from birth. Our school is striving to become more diverse, but progress is slow. My hope is that by the time I graduate, the student population not consist of a majority of middle class caucasian students.


the worst thing about my school is the social life. It is pretty much non-existant if you do not have a car, or it is redundant and boring. there is not much to do even if you leave the campus.


The cost. I say this because the tuition continues to rise while the financial aid is stagnant.




Amount of parties. I don't drink.


Most of the students here come from small towns and privileged families. There is a lot of ignorance and intolerance for people with different view and life experiences.


Sometimes the Liberal attitudes get to me.

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