Elizabethtown College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


hard classes, not much going on around the school, located in the middle of no where


The most frustrating thing about my school is how strict campus security and some of the RA's are. This school has a lot of potential but sometimes the rules and the people enforcing them hold it back a lot. The school needs to be a little more party friendly in my opinion.


Sometimes it will get boring if you do not get involved with clubs and other groups, so you definitely need to join things to stay active.


Parking on campus is a problem because of the amount of students who have cars.


I did not get much assistance with finding a job upon graduation.


Be forewarned: Elizabethtown College presents itself as the perfect liberal arts school with engaging faculty and a drive to learn. Really, it's just another college located in the middle of a cornfield. There is nothing to do on the weekends, unless you like to party and even then I am led to believe the social life is lacking. However, if you want excellent one on one professors, this is the place to be.


The fact that we are required to take general education classes before graduation.




Very little racial/ethnic diversity even though they claim to be a prestigious international business school.


The town is not very college friendly. Things close early and there are not many things to do nearby. Students also resort to drinking on the weekends, and for a student that chooses not to drink or be around people who drink it is sometimes very boring and frustrating.


Lack of connection with the surrounding community.


Although the school is only 15 minutes away from 2 cties (Lancaster & Harrisburg) the immediate area doesn't have a mall, but one is pretty close.


Being a music major, I think we should have a much larger, nice building to "live" in, instead of the basement of the used-to-be-library. For a major that requires classes from sun up to sun down with sometimes no opportunity to go outside, the least they coul do is offer us a building with windows.


Way too strict about off-campus activities, not enough diversity among students, and the most frustrating thing is the cost for school. It's bad enough we lack many of the things that students would love to have, but to be paying crazy amounts of money every year is unfair.


The most frustrating thing about Etown college is the fact that unless a club put an activity together for the school, there is absolutely nothing to do on campus other than sit around with friends and watch TV. If you do not have a car, unless you have a friend with a car, you will not leave campus unless you walk around the boring town. The financial side of Etown college is frustrating too. Scholarships dont seem fair.


Just the fact that it wasn't as diverse as I thought it would be; I was born and raised in a setting that was very diverse. Another thing that was frustrating is the cost of tuition as it keeps inclining. The last thing would have to be the difficultlies of getting off-campus housing, some people just work better away from school.

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