Elizabethtown College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing is the small classes at the College. These allow you to engage in the curriculm to the fullest, and truely be able to understand the classes.


The math department professors are wonderful, always willing to help and you can bug them whenever you want about anything you are thinking about, school related or not.


the friendliness of the people on campus. Very welcoming and heart warming. Very easy to find a place to fit in.


Being able to walk everywhere and see almost anyone I want to on a given day


Classes, relationships with the professors, friends, activities on campus, internships available


The size of the school is definitely the best thing. The professors are much more able to get to know each student and with that can help them better succeed both in the classroom and on their career path.


The college community is small , but because of the layout of campus it does not seem that way. There are many similar faces that you see during the day, but there are also others that you do not see as often.


Security is very laxed so it is easy to have visitors stay over frequently.


The best thing may also be one of the worst. . . but you really recognize everyone, so it's very comfortable. It's a small and close knit environment. A group called SWEET- Students working to entertain E-Town also does a great job organizing live bands, comedians, movie nights, and dances for us on Sweet weekends, which usually are 4 or 5 times per semester. It's very easy to make friends!


It's the perfect size and everyone is pretty friendly to one another.


The ability to have fun and still get your work done. The resources that are available also help and there is a strong sense of teachers really wanting to prepare students for their future careers.


Elizabethtown college has been a fantastic experience for me. The professors truely care about each student. The students for the most part are very friendly and trustworthy. You can leave your wallet/purse/laptop on the table at lunch/dinner and go and get your meal without worrying that someone will take it. There is a real sense of community!


My professors are extremely helpful and supportive.


The ability to still have fun and do well academically. For me most of the people I hang out with and seek fun with are generally doing well in the classrooms, which puts pressure on me to keep doing well; I also have the best advisor.

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