Elmhurst College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone should not attend this school if they want the expirence of a big campus. When I mean big campus I am talking about having to walk long distances from one class to another. Elmhurst College is not that conservative or force anything on you that want you to explore and learn about everything around you.


People who have no interest in there education. Also people who want to go to a party school.


There isn't anyone who shouldn't attend Elmhurst. This is a school for any and everyone out there, that accomodates any personality, religion, perspective, creed, and gender. To say that there is a type of person that should not attend this school implies that we don't accept or tolerate such type, which is never the case. The doors are always open and the colors are forever changing.


Someone who is not used to being around different religions.


A person who does not like one-on-one attention in the classroom. It is a small school and very few students live on campus. Everyone knows everyone's business.


Elmhurst College is a very small, private institution. It is a far cry from university schools with thousands of students, eager to leave behind the watchful eye of their parents to engage in whatever debauchery the campus provides them. Because of this immense contrast, students who only want to come to college to party will be sadly disappointed, as Elmhurst is definitely NOT a party school. The school also has a zero-tolerance policy against drugs and alcohol, and those who are found with it in the dorms face dire consequences. Learning only here!


If you are looking for a big "party" school with large class sizes where you can hide in the back unnoticed, then Elmhurst College is not right for you.


Someone who is not focused on their school work.


Someone who wants a big university experience.


A student that is determined to succeed and has a strong will to obtain the best knowledge base needed for a chosen career would be great at this institution. The course work is challenging and the professors give you a strong knowledge base for your field of study. There are various programs available to assist you in real world job experiences. I would advise a potential student or parent to talk with financial advisors before making the final decision to make sure the cost is not over bearing.


Elmhurst College is not for those who enjoy blending into the crowd and just becoming another number or college statistic. It is also not for those who want something to do every weekend all the time. Do not attend Elmhurst if you don't want your teacher to know your name or want anything to do with your studies. Elmhurst is for those who want to be their own individual and get the best education possible.


People that do not like community or academia.


This is a school for students who are goal oriented and motivated to try new things. Students should want to have a new experiences. Elmhurst focuses on education as their top priority. Students should be able to balance their social life as well as their academic. Both are important on this campus. There are so many different groups to be involved in and it is looked highly on when you are involved.


Someone who feels like a minority or feels as if he/she is the only one of his/her race/religion.


I think a person who is looking for a big school may not want to attend this school. Also, someone looking for a large amount of diversity or a fairly equal amount of all types of people should not come here.


Someone who is intolerant of others' differences, with regard to race/ethnicity, physical disability, sexual orientation, economic status, gender, religion, or any other factors. Elmhurst College is commited to promoting diversity, with several intercultural and interfaith student organizations, and a major/minor in Intercultural Studies. We have had several incidences of hate crimes in the past few years, including defacing posters and writing racial slurs on students' room doors. The College is working to investigate these incidents and prevent them from happening again, and openmindedness among students is a key factor in this process.


Someone who isn't willing to do the work or study for the exams to get the grades. Definitely not a procrastinator, I've had 3 friends kicked out this passed year for poor grades.