Elmhurst College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I was very focused in high school because I knew what I needed to do to get to college. I wouldn't do anything different. One thing I would say is not to be afraid to get involved.


College is an intimidating venture from being dependent upon others to being an independent individual. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to take that leap of faith into an unknown world and be confident that I am not the only ackward or apprehensive person partaking in this new experience. The transition between adulthood and childhood is not defined by the age you are or the year of school you are in, but how you handle the insecurities and the unknowns. I would stress most importantly that you are never too old to get and strive for an education, but it has great benefits to take the path at an earlier age. Being aware of your goals, strive to be the best, and never succumb to others' pressures and influences that could adversely affect your future.


In order for parents/students to find the right college they need to take their time. Be sure to visit many colleges to get a feel for the campus life. Also, I would recommend starting at a community college in order to take general education courses at a lower cost. This will also give the student the opportunity to learn about their interests which should help with selecting a major and area of concentration.


The advice that I would give to students about finding the right college would be to follow your heart. When choosing the right college, people are always hesitating due to cost and distance and other factors that hold them back. Following your heart to the right college is the best advice I can give. Finding the school that is best for your personality, comfort, and learning abilities is important. Being in the right environment is important because if you aren't comfortable where you are learning and trying to grow, you may never be able to reach your full potential. When it comes to the cost, distance and factors that lead away from your potential home, I believe it is important to push through and know that everything will work out for the best. I believe everything will work out because if the place you think you can call home is right, then fate will get you there so that you can learn, grow, and become the person you've always strove to be.


Finding the right college is all about how a person feels when they visit a school. Personally, I would suggest that parent and students visit different schools multiple times so they can figure out whether or not they will be able to fit in and adjust nicely to the surrounding enviornment. Once the students have picked the school and start to attend in the fall, I believe it is beneficial to just always be looking around and absorbing information from various places. Some of the best ways to get involved or to find different groups or activities it to look at the sidewalk because there are almost always chalk on the sidewalks with various events. Also, looking at bulletin boards are a great way to find out what is going on around campus. Lastly, always try to make friends. I always think that with a solid group of friends in college you will have numerous experiences that will be worth while and also that you will learn from. The friends you make in college usually become your friends for life.


Make sure you go to the college/university for a tour and take to the admissions officers and students equally. The admissions officers might have a reason to lie to you about things but the students don't have a reason to lie. If the students like the school, they will tell you why and if they don't like it they will also tell you that too.


It has been my experience that research and full disclosure of your goals and financial means is most important when deciding on a college or university. I am an active duty member of the US Navy, I decided to apply for a military program that would allow me to go to school full time to obtain a BA in nursing and further my Naval career. Through perseverance and hard work I was accepted, then came the hard part of choosing a school that met certain naval requirements. I thought I had a grasp on what was needed until I got the first bill and financial aid award. I struggled through the first year borrowing and worrying through each term. Although I have the goal and desire to achieve great academic success it is extremely stressful to deal with the glomming cloud of debt. My best advise to any potential college student would be to research all financial options available to you and go into this part of your life fully aware of the financial investment you are making into your future. Set realistic goals toward a career path that will benefit you in the long run.


Large schools have more options. Small schools have more one-on-one opportunities. Find a school that balances between education and extra curricular activities. Typical advice I don?t find to be the most important or helpful. The best advice a current student can give a prospective student about selecting the right school is to tell them; look for a school that allows your individuality to shine through. School and friend pressures will try to sway you to change some of your values and behaviors. But remember, the college experience is really all about finding out who you really are as a person. So much emphasis is placed on selecting a school that offers the best chance for you to succeed in the major you?ve selected. Well, the odds are you?ll change your major at least once during your college career. Four years of college will go by in a blink of an eye. Don?t be in such a hurry to get out. But don?t take that time for granted either. Enjoy school for what it can do for you; the real world can wait. Use the college you select as an opportunity to find yourself.


Pray that God leads you to where He wants you and that He will help make a way possible for you to be there. Don't let the cost of the school defer you from going to it. Look at the opportunities that each of the schools provide for you, not only your next 4 years, but for the next 40 years. If you pick a school on the price alone you could be jeopardizing your experience of college and your education. You have to like where you are in order to want to do well, and sometimes it turns out that where you are happy isn't always the cheapest option; however, it could be the best place for you to be successful in whatever it is that you desire to do after college.


Make sure that you look into what college choices you have and make sure that you are getting the max amount of financial aid. Also make sure that you go to orientation so that you can make some friends before school starts.


Students: It is important to apply to as many colleges as you can. Then, take the time to prioritize what you realistically want out of your college experience; do you want the top job? do you want to travel abroad? do you learn better in a small class atmosphere? Then evaluate the institutions based on campus visits and talking with students who attend the school (and make sure it's not only the tour guides who you talk to). Once at the school, remember to stay focused on what is important to you, grades are important but ultimately you will learn more from the out-of-class experiences! Parents: Remember, you might be paying for it, but it is the students life and they will be happiest and learn the most if you allow them to make their own decisions. Help them remember to ask the important questions, but let the decisions be theirs.


Prospective college students really need to make the right choice for themselves, not their parents. They need to go somewhere that will suit them and give them what they need in they future, along with their college experience.


Apply early!!! Waiting until the last minute to apply for college will force you to just 'settle' on a school that accepts you. Apply early enough so you have to time to go over all the pro's and con's of each different institution that accepts you. As far as making the most of it, HAVE FUN!!!! Study hard, and enjoy yourself. The people you meet in college will be your friends for life! GET INVOLVED!


i think this is the right college choice for everyone. they get a good education here. everyone gets along with eachother. everyone is so nice. It is a wonderful samll campus and everyone is very friendly.


Finding the right fit for college can mean the difference between enjoying your four years of classes or dreading each day that you are on campus. Although there is no sure way to know if you are picking the right college, the best advise I can give is to spend time on the campus. Talk with students who are currently enrolled and find out what they think about the school. Students can give you an inside view of what life is like on the campus. By talking with a variety of students you can learn the ins and outs of what the professors are like, what there is to do on campus, and even how it is living in the dorms. This inside look can help you not only pick the school that fits with your needs, but it can also give you the tools to make the most of your college experience.


Know what kind of classes you want to take, see what is the ideal calssroom setting for you. If you don't know what you want to do right off hand that's okay. Start looking for financial aid early on.


Find a college that is small enough that you will be known and cared about. A college that prepares you to succeed in life, not just in academics. Find a college that challanges you to be a better person and to do good in the world. Look for a college in a beautiful setting that will inspire you to want to be on campus. Join student groups and if they do not have the group you want then start one. I found all of these things at Elmhurst College and they really helped me. I am in law school now and stay in touch with many people from my undergrad, including professors and administrators. School is what you make it, there will be good and bad everywhere as in life, do your best to look for good and you will always find it! Good luck in college!


The best thing I can share with you is visit the campus. It is like picking out anything if you feel like home their and are comfortable with the environment then you will know that you belong there. They must offer your programs, do your research carefully and don't let anyone make the decision for you. This is something that you need to do on your own.


Do not worry so much about the money, loans can be paid back later. College can either be the best time of your life or the worst, it all depends on what you make of it. So pick a school thats a good fit for you and has a good program for your major.


For parents, allow your children to express where they want to go and also what they want to do in life. Have wisdom when deciding where your child wants to go. Do not allow them to waste their time and your money, but allow them to attend a college where they will learn life experiences. Students, do not waste your time at college. It is there to prepare you for life's chalenges and our changing world.


You don't have to know what you want to do right away. Take your time. Go to a school that YOU want to and look at your options. Take a couple classes that sound interesting to you and see what you like. When looking for schools go to the schools and take a tour to see what you fell.


While it may seem boring, do the research to find the college that best fits you. It seems time consuming, but this is a decision that will largely decide your future for you. Consider plenty of colleges and don't make a rushed decision, it could be a costly mistake. Don't take out more student loans than what you need! Try to buy books online (on campus they are ridiculous!). Remember to make time for you, even if it means skipping a party. If you are not a morning person, don't register for morning classes (seems obvious, but you'd be surprised). Fill your FAFSA out on time so you can get some decent financial aid. Scholarships will get you into schools you never dreamed of attending because of your financial situation. Don't procrastinate, you can fall behind very quickly (and it may become hard to catch up). Stay safe, especially after drinking ( a lot of BAD things can happen if you don't). Never lose sight of the future, and always remember why you are attending college.


I believe that the begining of the process starts with the parents. I would start by saying, listen completely to what your child likes and dislikes about the college that he or she looks at. The parents should know that this decision is completely their child's, not the parent's. Most importantly, the advice I would give to a student would be to go with your instinct on how you feel and what you like about a certain college or university. Start out figuring out which sized school you like and then find the school that makes you feel most comfortable. A college decision is where you will be spending the next years of your life and it's important to find one that will provide both academic as well as social needs. Students should also know that living on campus will be the best thing for them. Its a way for students to learn to live on their own and make their own decisions, while still having their parents not so far away to make sure they can still succeed. It's most definitely important that they succeed too, because college will be the gateway to their future.


I would advise students and parents to look very closely at their financial award packets that they receive from different schools. When looking at outside scholarships, it is important to find scholarships that are renewable instead of those that are one-time-only. It would be smart to check into the scholarships and grants offered by the school to ensure that they are renewable as well. I would also advise students and parents to factor in textbook expenses when budgeting for college because it is one of those unexpectede expenses that is not cheap. It is also important to factor in miscelleneous expenses because sometimes you never know what will come up.


You will feel it when you walk onto a campus, whether its right or wrong. I fell in love with Elmhurst and I think you would too! Come visit!


My best advice to new college students, is to research any schools that you may be interested in attending. Attending a college or university will prove to be one of the important decisions a young person can make. College can be a scary experience is you are not prepared, so just ask questions if you are unsure of something. Call advisors and campus relations if you are interested in attending a particular school. They are there for a reason. If they are not very attentive or helpful, that could be an indication of how they will respond to a students needs while they are in school. Another helpful piece of advice, is to apply early and to many schools. If you have your heart set on a particular school, that's great, but have alternative plans, just in case. The more options you have, the better you will feel. Be proactive about the situation, and don't take it lightly. College is probably one of the biggest and most difficult decisions to date for a young person about to take the next step.


Before you decide on which college is right for you, be sure to visit the campus first. Pamphlets provided from the colleges only show the best aspects of the school; if possible, see if you can sit in on some classes, see if that school has the kind of technology and resources to provide you with the best education possible in the field you want to pursue.


The most important thing is going to a college where you feel you will be able to grow in many different aspects of life and also a place where you will want to be part of the institution through sports, clubs, academics., working on campus or some other way. Look for a college that provides opportunities such as internships, mentoring programs, and study abroad opportunities. These are great ways to grow and also to have an experience of a life time, especially studying abroad. Also when you are at college try to enjoy the activities as much as possible. They are a key component of what will make your college experience unique and full of memories.


Find the college that is right for you. It's out there somewhere. When choosing a school, think about possible majors that you would be interested in, class sizes and the distance away from your home. Make sure to visit the campuses at the top of your list, because you might just get the exciting feeling that "Hey, this college is for me!" Only you know what is the right fit for you. Once you get to college, you can be anyone that you want to be. You will meet so many new people that won't know what you were like in high school, so if you want to be more outgoing or more this or that, then go for it! College is a new experiance, so get ready for a new you. Don't be afraid, the other freshmen are all in the same boat as you, so just get together and have a great time. Also remember your academics. College is the start of the rest of your life, the choices you make will affect you forever. But don't worry, it's much easier than the "real world". So have fun and don't hold back!


The advice I would give to parents and students when looking for a college is to write down on a list the top three to five things they need a college. I would then take the next step to enter in a database, what your top 5 is and find out what schools provide those things for their students. I would then go looking at some of the collges that appear to have those quailities. When visting a collge, it is important to look at the big picture of what they offer. Such as what financial/scholarships do they offer, how is job placement after college, what is the student to teach ration, and the on-campus living situation. Basically your college should be everything that you can possibly get out of it and help you start a great career; and since you are paying so much to get a good education you want it to be at a place that will give you the best possible education and make you feel comfortable all year when attending classes.


Start your search early, at least in your junior year. Search for schools online by factors like location, majors, financial aid, and activities, to start a list of schools to consider. Next, narrow your list by thoroughly examining each school's website to get a better idea of what the school is like, then apply and set up overnight visits to your top priority schools. This will let you converse with students and professors, and attend classes and activities. By this time, you should have a good idea of where you want to attend. Finish your applications as soon as possible, to avoid missing deadlines. Once you know where you have been accepted, decide on your school and begin the process for becoming a student. Fill out the FAFSA and other financial aid applications as needed. To get the most from your college experience, join clubs and activities in your areas of interest, stay safe and healthy, use your campus resources, and network with as many other students as you can. Balance your schedule between studying and having fun, and make sure not to overwhelm yourself. Transitioning to college can be scary, but there are always people to help you.


Look around. I physically went to 11 different colleges/universities before deciding on Elmhurst College. I looked into big school, small school, in state, out of state, schools in the city, and in the country. It's all about finding out where you fit. Inquire at every college the major you want and the activites or sports you would like to participate in. See whats out there. The hardest part for me was narrowing my list down to 4 schools and getting accepted by them all. I finally made a pro and con list and decided on Elmhurst College. Tips on making the most of your college experience??? Live on campus.!!! I live 35min from my campus and I live in a dorm. In contrast, my roommate lives on campus (obviously) but goes home every weekend. I'm involved in a sorority and yearbook on campus, she is involved in nothing. Let yourself be open enough to try new things. I didn't know if I wanted to rush a sorority, but I'm so glad I did. I've made friends that will last forever and met the sisters I never knew I had.


Make sure that when you visit the school it feels just right. If you are not sure about the school it most likely is not the one for you


Have a great head on your shoulders and stay focused. If you struggle financially try to do the best you can and have plan of action. Dont work full-time and also be a full-time student. Enjoy your college years they go quickly.