Elmira College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Elmira is how tight knit the school community is. The school spirit is incredible and the clubs and activities are diverse and fun.


The people that seem to find Elmira are the best part about Elmira. Sure you have your bad eggs now and again but overall there are some fantastically interesting peole if you take the time to know them.


There are a lot of things that are really great about Elmira College, one of the best parts of EC is the traditions; both the staff and student engage in the college's traditions and the students orgainizing events keep the mood light and everyone always has a lot of fun.


The feeling of family, that is what made me pick this school.


School spirit is a major part of Elmira College. Everyone is engaged and school oriented that we have our own tight knit community.


the students themselves are an awesome gorup of people, mostly everyone gets along except the people who are just unagreeable in general, also the in-class experience here is very strong, with small classes and very kind and passionate professors the learning is made easier and the workload seems to lighten because of this.


The close-knit community, the friendly environment, and the attention from the administration and professors.


The friends I have made.


The community of the school is amazing. The professors are so understanding and supportive and willing to go out of their way for students. There is so much to do to get involved from clubs to varsity sports, with intermurals and JV sports for students as well. There is always something going on at campus no matter what day of the week it is and it is impossible not to get involved, make friends and have a great and positive college experience.


It is a small liberal arts college that is more like a comunity than just a school. As a result of this students are able to benifit in several ways, such as, small class sizes, where you are not just a number, a personal relationship with your proffesors, and a place that feels like home because everyone knows your name.


The firends I made and only a few of the professors. You have to make it for yourself or else you will hate it.


The scholarships are great and the class size. I love how I know my professors on a first name basis and they are always available for extra help.


I really can't find anything good about this college. If I have to choose though, I'd say the campus, very small but kinda beutiful.


Small campus size because you recognize almost everyone even if you don't know them by name and this gives a family feeling between students.


Elmira College has many traditions and characteristics such as the freshman orientation program, Mountain Day singing for a day off from classes, the Candlelight ceremony that begins freshman year and ends senior year, and the love of our school colors of purple and gold!


The best thing about my school in my opinion is the opportunity to be a student athlete. I currently play a varsity sport and am a nursing major. Elmira competes at the D3 level thus allowing me to perform both in the classroom and on the court. At a Division 1 school it would be almost impossible to play a varsity level sport and be a nursing major simultaneously.

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