Elon University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


My freshman year I lived in West Dormitory, the oldest dorm on campus, and all-girls. LOVED IT. Our floor was a family and my suitemates and hallmates, all assigned completely random, are my best friends still today. The housing at Elon is really great. In comparison to other buildings, and my dorm assignment sophomore year, my room in West was the smallest and crappiest but I wouldn’t change a thing about it. It’s college and despite what you think, it really doesn’t matter how nice or big your room is. It’s the people you’re surrounded by. And I think the older dorms have much more of a community than the newer ones. Sophomore year I lived in Colonades which are BEAUTIFUL modern dorms but the hallways are more narrow and the doors are heavy. It didn’t matter much in my case because by sophomore year nobody was really trying too hard to make new friends, as we were all settled and had found our place at Elon, but as a freshman, West was perfect - everyone would leave their doors open and there would often be a bunch of us just hanging out in the hallway. Every dorm building has its own day-to-day ways of life. No matter where you choose to live, the residence assistants and area council will ensure that your experience is a memorable one. And it will be unique – my story won’t necessarily help you and neither will anyone else’s – your dorm life is up to you!


In the past year, Elon has started tearing down the really old dorms and building new ones. The North part of campus has the Colonnades dorms which looks like hotels. They are also building new ones on the North part of campus. One the other side of campus is where most of the dorms are. Carolina is an all girls dorm. The dorm is hall style and the rooms are pretty small. Carolina girls usually have a really bad reputation. Right next to Carolina is Smith, the all boys dorm. Most of the guys that live in Smith love it. It's hall style as well and all the Smith boys do it party. The other hall style dorms are campus are West, Sloan, and Virginia. There are also the HBB dorms. HBB is suite style. Each suite has 4 bed rooms and a bathroom. There are also the Danieley apartments and flats. They are really nice but kind of a hike from central campus. They also offer one campus apartments for upper classman


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