Elon University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Elon is hebrew for oak, a variety of tree all across campus. As a freshman finishing orientation, you are given an acorn of an oak tree; graduation you are given an oak sapling. This little gift is a symbol of the growth you as a student experience while at Elon.


The best Elon tradition is Leo Lambert’s, our president’s, Holiday party. He invites all students to his house, the week before winter break, for a Christmas party. There is great food, caroling and you can wait in line to have your picture taken with Leo. THEN he mails it home to your family in a Christmas card. Such a good PR move! Another fun Holiday tradition is the luminaries, when all the campus comes out for free hot chocolate, caroling, and the lighting of the campus. It’s always a fun way to wrap up the fall semester and welcome the holidays.


While on Thanksgiving break, white Christmas lights are put up all around campus. The time right after Thanksgiving break to Christmas break is the most stressful before of finals. The lights put everyone is such a good mood :)


Elon combines a beautiful campus with an excellent education.


This school is a liberal arts institution. They also provide a school for communications, business, and other areas of interest. This scool provides many diverse and open opportunities.


My school is well known for their sudy abroad programs, communications major, theater major and one of five undergraduate cadavar labs in the country.


No one knew about Elon 10 years ago and now everyone wants to come here. I guess were known for pulling ourselves up by our boot straps and creating a school that is becoming recognized across the country as a really great place to go. Were also known as a really preppy, country club type school.


They are best known for their beautiful campus.


Elon University is most known for its communications school as well as its heavy emphasis on volunteer and international programs.


Its buisness school, communications school, study aborad program and its beautiful landscapes that they get money from the state of North Carolina for its upkeep.


Beautiful campus, small class sizes, and caring teachers.


Strict rules and a strong communications program.


Our business school is ranked in the top ten in the country, and number one regionally. That's where we sell it. The idea of attending, I mean...


Formally known for partying, Elon is now focusing more on academics due to FOX News trying to give Elon a bad name. A few of us are working hard to mantain the traditional party style.


Our campus is beautiful. The students here are always friendly, fairly diverse and very strong academic performers. People are involved at Elon in everything you can think of. Our Communications School is top notch and the faculty is great. For students looking to get a fantastic private education for far less than what other schools are charging, Elon is the place to be.