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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Yes this is all true




not particulary, youll definitely find preppy people and some snobby people, but that doesnt mean everybody is. the majority of people are very nice and friendly and are good students overall and very involved in activities


Most of these are wrong but a fair number of students do come from wealthy families.


100% unfortunatley




yes, everyone i mentioned is true, all of them. i went there, i know, it's fact


some are, but it depends on how you actually decide to spend your time at Elon. I am greek so i end up spending a lot of my time with my sorority. I am not preppy at all unlike the stereotype. Elon students can be extremely smart. I was an honors student in high school and knowing that i can handle a challenge like that makes me push myself harder in my classes and brings me to the top-its just like any other college.


No. There are a lot of students that do go Greek, however if you choose not to you will find many friends and people with common interests. Some of the students come from wealthy families, however it is not obvious within their personalities.


Not so much. Some fraternities and sororities dress preppy however the majority of the student population is so much like that.


For the most part.


Partly, although I do beleive students on campus drink more than the average person, I dont beleive this is that much different from any other college. Also it is easy to have a good time without drinking and there is many activities to do as alternatives to drinking. Also while some students do try harder drugs it is not a large number and Elon is cracking down on all drug use.




They are accurate to a degree. We are just well put together clean looking individiuals


Not at all. The students at Elon are all very determined and come from diverse backgrounds. Each student strives to have a bright successful future. Like every college, there is drinking at Elon but not abnormal. Just the weekend and typically one night per week is huge at Elon.


None of these sterotypes are accurate! In my experience, the students here are far from "snobby". Everyone is polite, kind and eager to get to know one another. On my way to class I am typically greeted by at least five students I know from various courses and activities. While a lot of people are involved in Greek Life, the majority of the student body is not. We have a thriving Greek program, but not everyone is involved, in fact, most students choose not to "go Greek". Elon used to be affilliated with the Church of Christ, but this affilliation was dropped several years ago. However, we have a large, active religious life program where students of all faiths and backgrounds can find a group for them.


- There is a very large greek community. - there is a good amount of drinking but it is not out of hand and there are so many students that choose not to drink and enjoy their college experience also.


Typically, Elon students are preppy and good-looking, but there are definitely exceptions. And yes, the student body is mostly white. And while there is a pretty healthy party scene, most people drink only once or twice a week. Contrary to some stereotypes, the coursework past freshman level courses is pretty challenging. Most students spend a lot of time studying and doing homework, which is why Belk Library is referred to as "Club Belk." As far as Greek life goes, I think it's great, but I did not join my sorority until spring semester of my freshman year, and my fall semester is a blast. I think anyone who thinks that you can't haave fun unless you're in a frat or sorority is too lazy to look for anything else to do.


Although the student body is definitely preppy on the whole, I've met students from a variety of economic and social backgrounds. And more than classifying students as just preppy, I would say a better description is that students are well-dressed. Sure some girls won't even go to the gym without wearing their pearls (yep, it's true), there are still plenty of t-shirt and jean wearers. And as far as the drinking and partying stereotype goes, we are in college. If you want to drink and party, you can do it as much as you want (and the same is true at most colleges). But here, I think that students play hard AND work hard. Students got into this school, and choose to come here, because they care about their grades and where they are going in life.


No. While Elon students do party a lot, we also have one of the highest community service amounts of any school (in 2007 we were awarded the President's Higher Education Community Service Award For Excellence). Therefore, we make good grades, contribute to society, and reward ourselves for it.


Yes this is real true but you don't need to be preppy to go here by any means, and the kids who are addicted to Polo tend to get along well with kids who aren't.


I would say the positive ones are the most accurate, but they are both somewhat accurate. Elon students may party (what college students don't) but they drink responsibly because the University encourages safety such as Safe Rides. Students also really do take part in their community through volunteering, engaged learning, and internships.


Some are true others are not. It depends on who you want to take the time to meet and be with for four years


I was actually surprised that there are many students on this campus who are affluent however they certainly are not snobby or stand-off-ish. I would have expected this as when you tour campus it is common to see Mercedes, BMW's, and Lexuses however I have not encountered many snobby students.


Yes, the students dress well and there is a lot of drinking at Elon, the weather is perfect for slip n sliding and day drinking.


Yes. The classes are easy, sometimes ridiculously so. I've heard people brag that it's "so great, cause it's just like high school!" If you're looking for a challenge, don't come here. Elon's administration is sometimes more concerned about keeping the grass a perfect shade of green and building $2 million fountains than anything else.


Yes. The classes are easy, sometimes ridiculously so. I've heard people brag that it's "so great, cause it's just like high school!" If you're looking for a challenge, don't come here. Elon's administration is sometimes more concerned about keeping the grass a perfect shade of green and building $2 million fountains than anything else.


To a point of course not everyone falls into every category and none of the stereotypes are bad.


There are definitely a lot of rich, spoiled brats at Elon but there are more down-to-earth normal people, they just don't get noticed as much.


No, some kids do party every night, and some kids do have a lot of money, but there are plenty of people who only go out on weekends or even not at all, and the idea that everyone is rich is absurd. A lot of kids like to put up a front, but you'd be surprised to know the truth.


About some people, not nearly about all people.


Somewhat...there are a lot of people who meet those stereotypes but there are so many more down to earth, friendly people.


There is a lot of wealth in the Elon Community, but you don't need to be wealthy to fit in. Our campus is beautiful, so as far as that goes, it is like a country club and yes sometimes diversity is lacking, but Elon provides students with great opportunities to go out and meet individuals from different cultures etc through activities like study abroad and volunteer opportunities.


Yes. Most people are very wealthy and click-ish, but there are clicks for everyone. It's not difficult to make friends.


Sometimes. We are very extraverted and like to succeed, which is not a bad thing.


Because it's an expensive school, there are some kids like that, but the majority of Elon students are extremely hard-working, down to earth, responsible and globally engaged students. I know very few students who truly fit the mold of the Elon stereotype.


I don't think there true. We do have those that like to party alot, but we are still about our business and get our work done.


unfortunately,for a significant portion of campus, yes


All stundes who attend are definately not wealthy; however, that does not mean that there are not a few people who are amazingly rich. It is not a country club in the sense that people feel privlidged. Elon has one of the most active and most respected volunteer programs in the nation (just won a Presidential award). It is country club in setting. Elon is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been to in my life. The campus is designated as a botanical garden. As for the engaged learning, it is like any other opportunity that life gies you...its what you make out of it. Almost all students study abroad and some of them take it like its vacation. However, most do make it a transformative experience. And also know that this place is huge on undergraduate research. That means that you are going to write, but it also means that you are going to leave as a strong writer and someone who can give effective presentations. Both are rare skills today.


Elon keeps up its campus very well, which adds to the Country Club stereotype. Most of the student population is white and from out of state, especially the northern states, and we obviously have more girls than guys on campus. Lots of students are preppy, and many are well off, but that does not include everyone at Elon.


To a degree, the stereotypes are accurate. Every stereotype has a base in reality. However, if you look beneath the surface you'll find your earthy kids, the indie kids, the activists, etc. Sometimes you have to search within people--plenty of students love indie music and saving the earth, they just might wear pink polos to class. Every student has something to offer.


Some of this is true and some isn't.... The certainly is a large part of the population who dresses preppy, but there is a growing group who does there own thing. Elon can be a party school if you make it that way, but most students only go out on the weekends. If you wanna party every day of the week I am sure that you could.


For the most part, yes.


not really. some students have some of these attributes but that is the extreme version. elon is more middle ground