Elon University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


There is no diversity here, NC is lame and where the school is located is boring.


Vineyard Vines


preppy, well dressed, potentially snobby, drinks alot


They are stuck-up. They come from rich families in the northeast. They don't stay in the area after graduation. Elon students live in the Elon "bubble" and have no idea what is going on in the rest of the world. Most students are involved in the Greek community.


A typical Elon student comes from a very privilaged family, dressed head to toe in over-priced preppy clothing and cares more about the upcoming party than the upcoming election.


country-club by day and drunk by night.


well one the stereotypes are all true... you have to be in a frat to be cool other super greek schools have a lot of cool frats...with only a 50% douche bag rate...elon's frats are all fucking lame except 1. the football team gets treated like shit on campus (and no one comes to our games unless we play app state) there is a 90% douchebag rate among frats (not the black frats, they're all cool actually), honest to God there is a frat in which the % is only about 60... sooooo many hot girls, everywhere, well 5,000 some odd students, 80% are hot, the other 20% butt-ass ugly if you play any other male sport you're treated like royalty (like getting into closed frat parties, the football team does not, idk why) non-athlete black people on campus are homosexuals and comprise only about 8% of total school population it;s full of yankees who couldnt get into the nice ivy league schools up north so they come down here in their $40,000 mercedes and open their doors and bang and scratch the SHIt out of your car no matter where you park.. campus police suck ass b/c you'll get a ticket in a hot minute if you park in the wrong lot cool ass professors though. admissions people are bitches the 30-40% of people at the school from NC are somewhat chill, but mostly from private schools elon university is one giant private high school...shity football team, douchebags everywhere if you dont wear a polo or blazer to class you get funny looks... there is one bar near campus, dicks run it...so if you're a guy, without a fake, and under 21, you wont get in any night ever, minus halloween and st patty's...girls you could be a random high school girl and get in i think...


very greek life oriented, preppy, average students, rich, mini- SMU


That most of the campus goes Greek and you will not fit in if you do not join a sorority of fraternity. Also because it is an expensive private school many people think everyone is rich and stuck-up.


Very preppy.


A bit preppy and not very diverse.


That all Elon students do is drink all the time all day and night. That a lot of Elon students are into heavy drugs and cocaine is a large problem.


All rich kids.


We are very preppy, like a country club.


That Elon isn't well known and are alcoholics.


Some sterotypical things about Elon include: -"Snobby" students attend this University -Everyone is affiliated with Greek Life -We are a religious university


- Large Greek Life Community - Heavy Drinking - Great numbers of students involved in community service and other extracurriculars - So many people study abroad


Elon students are generally thought of as very preppy, white, good-looking partiers who act like they are at a country club. Some people say that the coursework at Elon is extremely easy and that you can't have fun unless you are in a fraternity or sorority.


Elon students are stereotyped as being rich, preppy, white kids only interested in drinking and partying.


Preppy, drunkards, the school only cairs about the appearance of the school.


Elon students are very preppy.


negative ones- they drink a great deal; they are rich; they party a lot; they don't work very hard positive- they volunteer; they are socially engaged


Rich, snobbish, don't really care about anyone but themselves


Rich, Snobby, Upper class, Caucasian, Alcoholics


Elon students are stereotyped as wealthy, preppy, and as alcoholics.


Elon is a country club, Elon students are dumb frat/sorority types.


Elon is a country club, Elon students are dumb frat/sorority types.


smart, wealthy, greek, attractive, beautiful campus, great teachers...


rich, spoiled brats


Theyre rich preppy kids that party every night of the weekend


partiers, preppy, rich kids, spoiled, all sorority girls/fraternity guys, book smart but not street smart


That Elon students are all preppy, rich and stuck up.


We are sometimes call the Elon "Country Club." And often even make fun of our own campus by calling it the bubble.


Students mostly stereotyped as, rich prep school kids from the Northeast Elon stereotyped as a party school, located in the middle of nowhere


Very preppy, "The Country Club School"


Girls are extremely pretty. The students are over-achievers. Its only for good looking, perfect people.


Elon students sometimes get a pretty bad rep from people, thinking that they are all extremely wealthy, nose-in-the-air kids who live on daddy's credit card and don't take personal responsibility for their actions.


That we are a party school and that all we do is drink 24/7


preppy, rich, snobby, party school


I guess that the biggest stereotype is that Elon students are rich and that the shool is essentially a country club. Superficial engaged learning.


Elon Country Club rich, white, preppy, spoiled, elite, northerners lots of drinking, tons of girls


Everybody thinks Elon students are all wealthy, northern prepsters who come to the school to experience the warm weather and beautiful campus. Elon girls are sweet, clean, pretty, and love to have a good time. Elon boys are confident, "southern gentlemen" (even if they're northern), and attractive. Elon students are smart about working the system.


Preppy and that we are a party school


The stereotypes surrounding Elon students include rich/good-looking/nice cars/affiliated with greek life. A sterotype concerning Elon in general would be that the atmosphere is set in a "country club bubble."


rich, white, stuck-up, drink too much, greek