Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott? Why?


It is expensive. Tuition is every expensive here, but I know that it is very worth it because this is a very accredited university.


You need a car or bike to go anywhere outside of campus because the city is not dense.


The worst thing is living in the dorms with 5 other guys. It is hard to get used to having that many people around your living quarters, but you get used to it and we all get along and have a good time studying together and talking.


One of the major things that I do not like about Embry Riddle is the lack of sports teams. The only actual sports teams that we have are soccer and rugby. I, myself am bost a runner and a dancer, neither are truely represented on campus (aside from student run organizations).


To be honest, I have not yet found anything about the school that I do not like. The school grounds are small and all buildings are close. The dining hall always mixes up the main menu, yet there are always alternatives available everyday. The professors know what they teach and enjoy teaching it. Lastly, the area around the school is both beautiful and fun, for there are plenty of options to do something.


It is sometimes hard to keep up with the fast paced classes.


The worst thing is the professors egos and the way they seem to single out students who don't understand the material as well as others. They seem to cut you down instead of helping.


The worst things is that it is a mostly male school. Not very many females are enrolled on this campus. On the weekends, the campus is also dead however around town, there is always something to do as we have a street full of bars to go bar hopping and a fantastic entertainment plaza not too far from school.


Some of the teachers and their lectures are not focused on engaging the class, but purely lecture. Also, due to the nature of the school, the small campus, and location, it is hard to have a social life. The food also sucks here on campus and there are not many choices for students as well as flexability with meal plans. Tuition, housing, and meal plans are also a lot for what it's worth.


How expensive it is.