Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People should not attend this school if they are not interested in studying aeronautics, engineering, meteorology, and global security and intelligence studies. If you are looking for a school on a budget, I would not suggest applying to ERAU without a scholarship (or five), it is VERY expesive.


people who dont take their future career path seriously. it would just be a waste of time.


Someone with no interest in aviation and no drive to go anywhere in life.


Those interested in aviation studies.


A person with behavior problems, snotty, doesn't care about education, and starts fights shouldn't be attending or be accepted into this school.


People who are used to big city life and lots of people.


Embry-Riddle is great for students that wish to pursue aviation as a career. However, if a student isn't interested in aviation or aerospace than this school might be too focused on a specific type of education. Also, the college is small (approximately 2000 students. ) Not a good school for someone looking for a large, university atmosphere.)


Embry-Riddle is very oriented towards pilot training or Aerospace Engineering. Any student who is not exclusively interested in these subjects should consider going to a school with a broader academic base. The curriculum is very well adjusted to people who are absolutely serious about taking part in the Aerospace industry. Students who are unclear about their major choice going in probably won't last more than a few semesters before transferring.


Someone who thinks they can slack off and still get good grades. Not only will you do very badly but it's not worth the money if your not doing your best.


Money at Embry Riddle is a major concern. Without the accessible finances, learning and focusing is tough. Especially for flight students.


Undetermined, unmotivated people.


Anyone looking to get an degree in the fine arts.


Liberal Arts-interested students that are not interested in aviation - in some way or another - that are looking for a large university or big city environment.


The person who just wants an education for a good job and moeny. You need to be driven in order to learn about aeronautical engineering. At least I know I could not do it if I was not completely dedicated to my academics and very interested in aeronautics. The people at school that I know are not interested and just getting the education because they want to earn alot of money in the future are not doing well academically.