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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


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Strong TV community with EIV and the EVVY's. Strong comedy community and alumni. Strong theatre program with a lot of innovation. Lots of independent projects and student gigs to work on. The social scene is very work centered. Some drinking a drugs, mostly in small parties or to celebrate the end of a project. Not strong on Fraternitites/Sororities. Lots of people stick to their friends. Dating is out of the question but sexual exploration runs high. Strong Gay/Bi community. Not much of a campus, but when you do live in the dorms there are always people up and always people doing things. It feels like the Emerson student never sleeps. Weekends are spent on shoots or in rehearsals. Boston is our campus and there is lots to explore.


Greek life is pretty small. And lame. The fraternity boys are tolerable because they're just really funny, but the sorority girls suck. They're (for the most part, there are exceptions to every rule) bitches and snobby and think they're better than everyone else, and they don't even throw parties like the frat brothers. Overall, it's really like Greek Life is this huge joke, and the people involved in it are the only ones who don't realize it. PS. The sorority girls usually aren't hot either--think the girls who WANTED to be popular in high school and couldn't, except since nobody who was popular in high school goes to Emerson, now they can pretend to be (but they're STILL not).


I don't know about any of this. I've been avoiding Emerson "activities and social life" for four years.


Emerson's sports are notoriously terrible.


I avoided them, for the most part. Many of the activities are fairly clique-ish and competitive, although if you can squeeze your way in to one or two, it may be the only way to keep your sanity.


There is a ton of extra curricular stuff to be involved in at Emerson. There is much more to learn being on a film shoot than there is sitting in a classroom and talking about what happens on a film shoot. Living in the dorms is a great way to meet people for friends or relationships. I met my best friends at Emerson in the first week, and I plan on being friends with them for the rest of my life.


There are so very many organizations on campus that are great tools to learn from. Also this is a really good way to meet people interested in the same things as you. Emerson is a very social school, especially because it's very network based. Even if you tend to be a shy person, you really learn to open up to meeting new people and carrying yourself with confidence. I know that is something I definitely learned. Living in the dorms, especially for your first year, is an amazing way to meet and connect with people. Dorm living is always fun and really gives you that true "college experience". On campus there is never a shortage of events going on. You either head to the Cabaret to see a comedy show by one of the many troupes on campus, or catch a show in one of the theatres, or pick up the free tickets for another show off-campus that Emerson often likes to give away, or have fun somewhere out in the amazing city of Boston, or just chill with your friends in the dorm, having fun.


The film groups on campus are big, Frames Per Second being the biggest. There are also many comedy groups. There are dance groups ranging from tap, hip-hop, ballet, and modern. I am a part of Emerson Dance Company which is all student choreography and is lots of fun. If you live in the Little Building people leave their doors open and you get to know everyone on your floor. From my experience this is the better dorm because it is more home-y and you can actually go to the common room and hang out with people. The other dorm Piano Row is all suites and everyone stays in their suite. Therefore you never meet anyone. I didn't know the people who lived across from me until I went to the Castle with them. If you live on campus you will hang out in a floor common room or a suite common room. Or you will just roam the streets of Boston looking for food (NYP is a frequent for late night snacks). Athletics are not popular but they do exist. Theater is huge, go see all the performances. If you don't want to drink just roam Boston and Harvard Square, see lots of movies. There are lots of party on the weekends in Allston as well as in Brookline and the North End.


I feel I can't adequately address this issue, as I started at Emerson when I was 27, and have lived off campus (over an hour away) for the duration of my stay. So, I am not involved with the campus activities as a "normal" undergrad would be.


I don't know. I lived off campus and liked to keep my social life outside of Emerson. I think there are a fair amount of students that do that as well.


Emerson has a TON of theatre and comedy troupes, as well as film majors looking for actors, producers, etc. If you're involved in communications or the arts, you'll be able to find something to do with your time. There's three frats, which is where the sports bros hang out, and a couple sororities, although I don't think they have houses. I have never been to a sports game, and I don't think it's very easy to attend them, since almost all of the teams have to practice/compete off-campus. Not really any college "traditions," like a giant end-of-the-year party or anything, although they do have a late-night buffet during finals week.




It was difficult for me to find out about all the Emerson activities and extracurriculars, as well as the social life as I did not live on campus and was a transfer student, but I did manage to make the most of my time and friendships. PRSSA - Very beneficial!!! Meetings were always great to attend, informational, friendly, and usually had food and beverages served. Guest speakers were always great, especially during Career Week...amazing! Off campus, just go out to China Town, clubbing, or out to eat at the Prudential and/or South End.


Due to my marital and full-time employee status I didn't have much time to do extracirrcular activities, but I did try one semester with the Students for Publishing Club. I went to a few meetings that had key speakers come in and I found them to be extremely fun and helpful.


There is SO MUCH to do on campus at Emerson. Most people I know are heavily involved in more than two organizations. Clubs range from the common (Emcomm marketing, Emerson Channel) to the uncommon (fencing, anime). I met my closest friends through my living situation, which was a suite of six girls freshman year. You can party, not party, drink or not drink as often as you want. You will always be able to find people will to do either.


There are a ton of activities to get involved with, and if you can't find it the common trend is to found it! The biggest and most unique aspect of the activities and social life is the huge comedy community at Emerson. There are at any given time about 6 permanent troupes and anywhere from 3 to 12 rotating troupes. There are tons of opportunities for film and theatre groups as well. Socially, while there are lots of off-campus parties most people spend their weekends and evenings on film shoots, in rehearsal, or working on their next project. Emerson students might party til 1 AM--but its much more likely they're up working until 6 AM.


Social life at Emerson is based predominantly on which organization and activities you participate in. There's the film crowd, the marketing crowd, the theater crowd...basically it's dependent on your major, and then once you start to get involved in things outside of class that have to do with your major, you meet people and those are typically the kids you hang out with the most often. I met my closest friends freshman year - we all lived on the same floor of the Little Building. We used to make music videos together every Friday, not for class, just for fun. That's the kind of thing you can expect to do here. People just want to get creative. Whether that means making films, taking pictures, recording music, whatever you want. The things we do for fun are the same things we're studying in class. Fraternities and Sororities aren't that important at Emerson. They do exist, and some of them certainly have a presence on campus, but greek life isn't something that's a very big deal. If you want to do it, you can, and if you don't, you don't. Nobody will judge you for it, which is pretty much how we treat everything here. Do what makes you happy, and we'll love you anyway. Last weekend I went a surprise 21st birthday party for a friend of mine, I went to a concert at the Paradise Rock Club, and I learned to juggle. Ha. The best part is that all of that is true. Man, Boston is great.


It is hard to get really involved if you live off campus, but living on campus is really expensive and kind of sucks.


There are so many to fit any major or sport interest. A few that come to mind is Emerson's radio station, which thousands of people outside of Emerson listen to on a daily basis, Emerson's closed circuit television station, and Emerson Independent Video.


There is a lot to do at Emerson from the school newspaper to the college radio stations to the theater groups and comedy troupes. Emerson is all about getting involved. If your a journalism major, join WEBN or one of the shows on the Emerson Channel right awaY. Get experience at WERS 88.9FM or start writing for one of the school's magazines. The plays Emerson puts on are great and definitely worth going to. Athletics are gaining in popularity now that Emerson has its own basketball court. Emerson also hosts a lot of interesting guest speakers and film showings. Because there is so much to do in Boston, exploring is your best option. From the indie theater houses to the Lowes movie theater to the various restaurants and fun shops, you can find plenty to do. Partying doesn't happen as much on campus because there are very few dorms and the walls are paper thin. Frats and sororities are more for people looking for a more normal college experience. Get involved and explore because Emerson and Boston have a lot to offer.


There are a lot of sketch comedy groups and other performance groups. I am a part of the one of the most active groups on campus and it can be time consuming but it is a lot of fun. We have sports games, but almost no one goes to them. Theater events are very popular, but that is what I'm involved in so it's really all I know here. I met my closest friends during orientation week and through my major. They are who I spend the most amount of time with, and people I do outside shows with. The party scene kind of sucks, but is only if you are into extreme parties with tons of people and tons of booze. For that we go to MIT, or some other colleges in the area. And there are a ton of other colleges with parties like that, so it isn't a problem. At Emerson you mostly hang out with your good friends and talk and smoke and chill. I have the most fun hanging out with a group of 10 or 15 people all hanging out, because you know everyone and that is the best way to spend my time. There are fraternities and Sororities, but that aren't that prevalent on campus. There are some Frat parties, but they kind of suck. Frat guys are a lot cooler than at other schools though because a lot of them do theater and film and other interesting things, so they are a little more motivated than the typical frat guy. Cast parties are also the best parties. Everyone at the party worked on this big project together, so unwinding and partying together is usually the most fun. Dancing, drinking and fun.


Emerson isn't a party school simply for the fact most people go off campus to have a good time. The dating scene...well, all of my college relationships happened outside of Emerson so I can't comment. I met my closest friends at orientation, and then in my major classes. Boston has a ton of stuff to do, so drinking isn't the only thing. People go to shows, hang out on the common, try new restaurants...I didn't participate much in the activities at Emerson because I had to work my way through school, but some groups are great and some seem like they're in place just so students can feel important.


Fames Per Second and Women in Motion are some popular film clubs; Developed Images is a Popular photography club; WERS is the radio station; WEBN is our award-winning news station; the Emerson Channel is our cable station; Emerson Stage is a great theatre program. The dorms usually aren't very social environments, even though the RA's really try to throw events and bring people together. It's a dry campus, so the party life leaves something to be desired unless you know people with an apartment or at another school. There are fraternities and sororities, but no frat houses, so don't get too excited. Most of the good friends you will make will be the people you work with on projects, in classes, or in clubs. Depending on your major, your weekend could consist on anything from movies at the theatre next door, clubbing downtown, shooting a film somewhere in Massachusetts, or being in/at a show. Most students above sophomore year live off-campus anyways, so they may have parties.


There are so many groups/clubs/organizations here on campus it's hard to say what's more popular than the other. I'm part of em Magazine, which was an online publication but now is a print publication. It was made by students two years ago, and it's made it really far. Everyone here gets into their groups because it's fun, what they love to do or what they want to do in the future. Athletic events aren't popular here, but they do exist. We have so many guest speakers, at least 2 a week. You'll always be busy with that, if you choose to attend. My closest friends lived in the say dorm as I did, and most on the same floor during my freshman year. The dating scene at Emerson? I'm not really sure. I don't think there's anyone I have encountered that I'd date. Boston is a great city with so many colleges so you have tons of options. Partying here is really prevalent. Drugs? We got 'em. Alchohol? We got it. Whatever it is you're into, you're going to find it at Emerson. And you're going to find someone who's into it as well. Boston is a 21+ city when it comes to things to do. That sucks. But, you'll find things on campus to do, whether or not it's drinking.


GET INTO A GROUP AND DO IT FAST! This is a competitive feild, they get hundreds of kids that sign up to do the same thing, get in there and fight for it! I work every weekend so I'm not the best to give you night advice. Boston is a 21 plus kind of place, that just means there is acholo everywhere you go to do something and you need to be 21 to get in. The best thing is just walking around boston with a bunch of friends and enjoying the moments. More likely than not you will be studying on saturday nights. From what I hear the sororities have a bad reputation, don't join you'll be stuck with the stigma. Remain close to your orentation friends, you will have them for a lifetime. I can tell you I dont see mine much, but we still talk as if we have known each other forever and as if we see each other everyday.


For film, I think that FPS (Frames Per Second) is the most popular group. It has a lot of large scale productions for films being made, and gives everyone a chance to work on set as a part of a crew. Although I haven't worked on those big films, I've been able to work on smaller films as an assistant director and it's been really good experience being on set. There is really only one frat house on campus that has parties, but there's usually something going on either there or at the lacrosse house every weekend. That's really the only place you can go to safely drink, and it's a bit of a hike... drinking on campus is really risky. If you want to do something that doesn't involve drinking, it's a city, so there's always a show or something you can go to. Also, we are literally a 2 minute walk away from a huge movie theater that always has something playing.


All the programs are good, but I honestly feel like the programs are given more hype then needed. Emerson is all about the opportunities you make for yourself and I mean you don't have to be involved with any of the stations or crews, but thats what makes you knowledgeable. As far as social life, emerson is pretty small but thats why you have Boston. Boston has so many different schools and you make friends from all over at parties so there is a plus side to not having anything too huge on campus. And there is so much to do in Boston, I'm never bored.


I dont like the social life... parties are boring and people too.. There is no sports life at all...I wish we had good teams and more sport facilities ( a larger gym, indoor tennis courts) Not many frats, nor big parties..


Emerson is a really social place. Most people are very outgoing and there tend to be several party options on weekends. The dorms are fine. The Little Building Residence has better a better community because the rooms are mostly double and the whole floor shares a common room which forces interaction. The suites in Piano Row are nice with common rooms in each suite. Frats and Sororities are not a big deal.


The student organizations are really well-controlled and managed. The people that run in are a pretty talented bunch. As a film major, a lot of my fellow peers are actively involved with the film organization FPS. EIV is also a good one, they have won a buttload of awards for their newscasts. I don't really believe in kissing ass to get up the chain, so I'm not very involved oncampus unless I actually know the person rather than using them for some resume I'm making to impress some big studio exec in Los Angeles.


There are a lot. Most of them take themselves too seriously. A lot of opportunities to create, if you can handle the inflated egos of those students who "run" these organizations. Student Government Organization is marred by self importance and favoritism.


Greek life exists but is underground. Really, it is not popular here and when people were like "I'm rushing!" most of us responded by saying, "We have fraternities here?" In the beginning of the year, everyone left their doors open because we were all getting to know eachother, but once the social groups formed, we closed our doors. For me, Emerson is all about theatre. Emerson Stage puts on several shows a year and a lot of students go to see them. There are also thousands of other plays going on all the time(We are located in the middle of the theatre district) and kids will go see on average about ten per semester. If I'm awake at 2:00 on a Tuesday evening, I'm probably cramming to finish a project due the next day or I've lost track of time and am hanging with a few close friends in their room/suite. For me, I have morning classes, so staying up late all the time really doesn't serve me too well. A few students I know still havent gotten this idea yet. Sleeping is very important and a lot of students here are sleep deprived.


There are so many activities at Emerson. The Emerson Channel and Emerson Radio are a big deal. All the theater productions are a big deal as well. Students in dorms feel very safe. My roommate and I almost always leave our door unlocked at all times. Athletics exist, but barely. No one really pays attention to sports. If I hear someone that says they came to Emerson for sports, I don't take them very seriously. Guest speakers are VERY commonly seen at Emerson. The Culter Majestic Theater is part of Emerson's space, and that's a huge coo for us. It's an amazing space for theatre, tech, or music students to be able to use. Many girls find the dating scene difficult, since a lot of the guys at Emerson are gay, but it is possible to find straight guys at Emerson. I've found it to be pretty even. I met my closest friends within my major and on the floor of my dorn. If I'm awake at 2am, I'm in my room working on a paper due the next day. There are a lot of diversity events on campus as well as a lot of political events. Theatre, improv, music, and comedy events are a big presence on campus. People party often, but those parties rarely occur on campus. I got to MIT a lot for parties, and Boston University. Frats and sororities are not a big deal at Emerson. There aren't very many. There's a lot of historical things to see in Boston, so things like the Freedom Trail are a cool thing to do. Newbury Street is a HUGE shopping location, so a lot of students head over there for fun.


I'm on the softball team, but half the students don't even know that the sports teams exist. There aren't very many Emerson parties, and they are usually really lame. If you like going out it's not impossible to do, but you have to ride the train to other colleges.


As far as social activities go, Emerson has too many for one person to attend. Theater, dance, music, book readings, slam poetry, fashion....and within most of those are several different groups focused on different things. When I transfered in one of the most impressive things to me was the number of groups and organizations available to students. If it has anything to do with art, Emerson has a club and several performances each semester. I am in fashion society and this past weekend we held our second annual fashion show. It was made up of all amateur designers (most of them from Emerson) and all the models were Emerson girls who came to a casting call. We ended up with around sixteen designers and over fifty models. It was spectacular! We incorporated two of the a cappella groups from Emerson to sing during intermission and had a wonderful turnout. People literally had to stand all around and in the back even though we had set up around eighty seats. As far as Saturday night plans go, if you aren't looking to attend one of the many Emerson shows, well, you're in the heart of Boston. Less than a block from the school is a movie theater. There are also lots of clubs around for those who are 18 or older. If you hop on the subway (we call it the T) you can go to my favorite place to eat, the north end. The north end is where most of the original Italian families settled when they came to Boston and now there are SO many authentic Italian restaurants to choose from down there. And for dessert you have to go to Mike's Pastries in the north end. I promise you won't be disappointed. If you still want to see something artsy, the Wang and Majestic Theaters are only a block or two away and there's always either a show or a ballet or something going on there. Of course, there's also Newbury Street just two blocks down, which is the place to go for shopping in Boston. If you can't find something to do here on a Saturday night it's because you haven't left your dorm.


Social life is great and there are all these wonderful organizations that support your major. There's film clubs, there's writing clubs, there's magazines and the newspaper and the radio. There are always events happening in Boston and on campus. Our comedy troupes are the best and there is usually a show every weekend. Our improve comedy troupe is top notch!


Also tend to be one-sided. A lot of film groups, theater groups, comedy troupes, etc., but not a whole lot that goes much beyond the majors Emerson offers.


Athletics is not a huge part of the school's social scene, but that's changing a little now that there's a gym. But don't be surprised if you don't know anything about athletics unless you seek it out or know someone on the team. People party usually only on the weekends. Lots of silly themed parties that may or may not be a "get drunk fest." Usually it's get a little drunk and have a fun theme. Harmless and in control. Sometimes not. Popular organizations on campus: WERS- the radio station, EmComm, Musical Theater Society (MTS), EVVYs, The dating scene sucks. It's a total hook-ups scene. I know few people in long term and healthy relationships. I met my closest friend because she was my roommate. I met my boyfriend through the resident assistant program. Res Life rocks! Plus, if you get the job, you get free room and board.


There aren't many popular TEAMS at Emerson, but there's a great selection of film production companies and comedy troupes. The theater is somewhat expensive but a great experience. There's never a lack of things to do in the city because there are ALWAYS people out on the streets. Sororities and Frats are sort of a joke here, and when they aren't, they're mostly doing community work. People are always willing to party, but it's difficult if you live on campus. The dating scene for straight girls is bleak as most of the Emerson male population is gay, but there are plenty of other schools in Boston that provide straight men. And hey, you'll have a ton of guy best friends.


Emerson is not a party school. That being said, a majority of students party every weekend. Without a campus most people head to Allston on the weekends for house or frat parties. Our school has one well known frat, a sorority that is gaining popularity, and a fratority that is not well known. Greek life is not huge here. Neither are athletics. We have a popular lacross team, an ignored basketball team, and a mysterious tennis team. Who knows what else?


I have no social life. That said, everyone smokes pot.


eagle our version of gsa is ok. sports arent popular but the games are fun to go to. lots of people in tv/video/photography can be seen recording or taking pictures. guitars are rather popular. whether or not students leave their dorm doors open various every year with every floor. we dont really get too many guest speakers but we have some pretty cool alumni if you knwo anything about movies or tv. dating is easy but again, everyone knows your business. allston parties are popular and an easy place to meet people. (20 min t-ride) lots of people are night owls here, you wont often be bored. being drunk onthe t is always an adventure. certain people party every night, some confine it to weekends, some to special occaision, some not at all. depends on the crowd. frats and sororities are kind of a joke but the frats can throw a mean party. so can the baseball team. not much to do if youre underage, at least not legally although the parties can be fun without a drink. its very easy to immediately find something to do off campus because emerson is right near EVERYTHING.


Sports are pretty much non-existent. No one pays attention to our few sports teams and there are very few intramural sports. However, no one goes to Emerson for sports so really who cares.


Lots of kids go on film shoots on the weekends, and not just the film majors. There are lots of different theater clubs, comedy troupes, publications (newspaper, magazines), radio shows, religious groups, political groups, and pretty much anything else you want. Recently a bunch of us started a Quidditch group that we're trying to make into a club sport. I know some student athletes, and while Emerson isn't known for its sports, they actually did really well this year in Div III. There are plenty of parties, mostly off campus at peoples' apartments since most kids live off campus past freshman year, but if you don't party, they're easy to avoid. There are always events and speakers and shows to attend on campus as well, a lot of them for free, which is nice.


I love CPLA is is incredible legitimate and it has led me to meet contacts from the State Dept., E.P.A., and other various powerful organizations. Athletic events might as well be nonexistent, there are always performances to go to. Dorms are pretty friendly. I met my boyfriend at a party after a few months of checking each other out in class. In general, there isn't a lot of dating though, students are more inclined to be pretty egocentric. People party pretty hard, smoke a lot of weed, but there are few big parties. First semester freshman year, you will be unlikely to know people with apartments that throw better parties, and might find yourself bored at a few house parties in Allston. Last weekend I went to a poetry slam party where my friends hip hop band played in Jamaica Plane.


Parties tend to be more small hang outs at people appartments or in dorm rooms. Due to the size of Emerson there are rarely huge parties (100+ students) but on any given weekend you can find at least 3 parties to go to and have a good time. Athletic events as I said earlier are kind of a joke but those who do go enjoy them a lot. Theater is also very well respected and enjoyed.


There are a great deal of groups/organizations/clubs on campus, and if there isn't a group already in place, Emerson encourages students to start their own. Personally, I started an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting on campus. Athletic events are not popular whatsoever here at Emerson. Students are very comfortable with one another. Relationships are bound to happen. I know I was involved with a great girl the second week of Freshman year, and am still with her now. Finding friends is very easy because people are always open to new experiences/new people. You will always find someone who does exactly what you do. Most of us Emerson students are up til 3 in the morning, working or going outside and smoking cigarettes. NYP, or New York Pizza, is down the street and is open til 2, sometimes 3 in the morning, so that becomes the Emerson hangout sometimes.


The most popular organization is the EVVY Awards. A lot of people, especially in Piano Row, leave their suite common room door's propped open, or tape over the lock. Theater is pretty popular, more than guest speakers and athletic events combined. The most attended events are comedy troupe shows. I met one of my closest friends through another good friend, one through a sitcom, and another through another sitcom with the second friend. All my good friends last year were pretty much my neighbors. 2am on a Tuesday I'm watching a movie or television show on DVD. People party every weekend or night they don't have classes the next morning. It's not necessarily a party school, but you can go a few T-stops and find some party going on in Boston: College Town USA. I know a bunch of people in fraternities, but there are only six or seven in the college.


Emerson is in a great location for having a social life. Besides the many student produced plays going on constantly, which are always fun to go watch, there are professional theaters in the few blocks surrounding the school, including our own Cutler Majestic Theater, a movie theater one block away, and easy access to many clubs, theaters, and events via the T (what Boston people call the subway). One thing Emerson does not have much of is a traditional campus party scene, both because we don't have a traditional campus in any sense of the word, and because frats and sororities are not common. If a student wants that scene, there are always parties at other schools, such as BU, which is only a few T stops away. Students here don't always need to party to have fun though. There is always someone in the Common Rooms in the dorms playing games or watching television, and student activities are endless. I've found it really hard NOT to be involved in the school community.