Emmanuel College-Boston Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school its comforting and accepting; with the total amount of students under 3,000 and being a small campus as a student I still have a sense of comfort and security; it provides a great atmophere in the city of Boston.


Emmanuel College is a challenging place for academics but you really learn your stuff there.


If you go to Emmanuel, you really need to take advantage of Boston moreso than the school. Fact is, it's not a degree that's going to get you a job on its own merit. Intern, find work in your field, and be wise about what you choose to study. The right student can excel and succeed here, but they need to dig deep and use the resources the city, rather than the school, offers.


Emmanuel College allows you to be a big fish in a small school, but may also be isolating.


Small, private, quiet liberal arts college in Boston.


Emmanuel College is a small, diverse, community focused in helping their students succeed with their education and career choices.


Emmanuel College is a small, liberal-arts college with a wide variety of majors, a close-knit campus, and a great faculty all in the great city of Boston!


Emmanuel College is a small, Catholic college located in a popular area of Boston.


Emmanuel is a small school with a big city feel.


A small community for students that are interested in a liberal arts major, nestled in the city.


A low key school in the middle of trying to decide whether it wants to be a big bio based school, or a smaller social science school.