Emmanuel College-Boston Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The amount of finical aid they give to struggling families. They never give enough and the people in charge of finical aid are not helpful. It is a goose chase to get them to reply to you. The amount of finical aid that is given is never enough and they don't offer and support. They also charge late fees very often. I don't see why, if a family doesn't have the money to pay, increasing the bill will only make it worse.


The worse thing at the school is that the freshman are the last to pick their classes so they sometimes you get shafted with classes and/or times you don't want. Also this year there were a lot of forced triples which can be very uncomfortable and suffocating at times.


The worst thing about the school would be parking. The campus is surrounded by hospitals and other colleges making parking vitually impossible. They do have a paid parking but the price is costly when you are only taking one class a week. Also, the college is near Fenway - the baseball arena. There is alot of traffic during home games.


Emmanuel is not your typical college experience. Because of Emmanuel's urban location, it can be a challenge to find affordable housing within the city, while other more rurally located schools have an excess of housing available. In addition, everyone knows everyone because of the small college population. While this is not usually a bad thing, you can never walk across campus without seeing someone you know.


The financial aid and cost.