Emmanuel College-Boston Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


This school provides a small community feel, while still being central to the great city of Boston. If you are a person who enjoys large scale comradary, huge crowds of people, fraternity and soroity life this is not the school for you. Emmanuel is small, personable, and quiet.


Anybody and everybody should be given the chance to go to this school.


If you are looking for BIG classes and BIG school experience, this wouldn't be the place for you. Emmanuel has a very close-knit community: small classes where professors knows every student by the end of the second week! Lots of people move off campus by their Junior year. It is a dry campus.


This school isn't for anyone who isn't serious about being here. College is obviously a time for fun and freedom, but more importantly, it is a place to learn and work. You can have fun at home, for a lot less dough. Anyone who's not committed to furthering their education should not be here. Also, our school is located in the heart of Boston, near Fenway. Due to our location, our school is tremendously diverse, and the college does much to welcome all students, regardless of race. Those intolerant of other ethnicities should not attend this school.


Someone who plans on skipping lots of classes and partying a lot. The classes are small and most teachers take attendance at the beginning of each class. Also, the campus is dry, so a lot of partying could eventually lead to not being able to live on-campus.


Someone who doesn't like a lot of rule and doesn't like the city.