Emory & Henry College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Most classmates have either become great friends or "family".


My classmates are very helpful and students with minds eager to learn alot.


My classmates here at Emory are people that I will never forget because we are all so close and get along so well; it is a very tightly knit community.


They are hard chargers and work hard not only inside the class room and out side the class room.


I like some of my classmates, I get along with some of them well. I want to join a sorority so maybe I will make more friends than I already have.


My classmates are more than people that I share a room with. They are the individuals who I will be with for the next four years of my college experience. They are the people I rely on to provide a great academic environment to learn in because if I am surrounded by people who are willing to learn then it will enhance my abilities to accel in the classroom as well.


They are a melting pot of people who you will love some and others you have to work with more to understand.


My classmates are very diverse and a great help to me in my own acedemic exploration.


My classmates are not afraid to share their opinions. They are also open to other opinions too. My classmates better my classes because I get to hear what they have to say too. Hearing other opinions makes me think more about the topic we are discussing in class.


Friendly and helpful. Small class sizes means that you almost always know all the people in your classes because you have already had classes with them before, so you end up knowing what to expect out of every person.


I believe that I have some of the BEST classmates in the country. No place is ideal, of course, but it seems like everyone at my college is here to better themselves, and make a significant positive impact on the people around them. Most are extremely easy to get along with, and are great friends. I have only been here for one semester, and I already know that I have made many life-long friends, which is always a wonderful thing.


Some of the most caring, and nicest people I have ever met. Most will be friends for life.


Very friendly and helpful.


My classmates are diverse.