Emory & Henry College Top Questions

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The location for me is great, i wanted to go to a college that wasn't far from home and Emory and Henry is about a 2 hour or less drive.


What makes my school unique is that we're not just a school, but a family. Emory and Henry College only has a little over 1,000 students, so we all know each other on a personal level verses a large university. It makes your learning experience a lot more interesting when you can just walk around the corner in any building and see a familiar face. Not only do you know every student, you know your professors on a personal level. If I have any questions, my professors give me one-on-one help with my work.


The most unique thing about Emory & Henry is its sense of community. The students, staff, and faculty are truly a family. We all depend upon each other and push each other to strive to be the very best we can be.


My school caters to you so much, if you need help with anything they are there for you and will do what they can to help you. They also care about you not only academicly, but mentaly, physicaly and spritualy. You teachers are more than teachers they become cllegues and trusted frienmds.


there's not a school like this where you can meet people from the same town as you that you've never met before.


It has a small community atmosphere and rather interesting classes.


I feel like we are one big family. Everybody gets along with everybody. Sure some people disagree, but we all still get along pretty well. The students work together to help each other learn. The professors are willing to help their students learn and understand the material. You can feel the closeness of the college when you walk on campus.


Emory & Henry is a college that cares. The faculty and staff do their best to help you acheive your goals. They are even willing to meet with you after class, talk to you on the phone while being at home, and even allowing Student Instructors into the classroom. They do not just give you the work or lecture and expect you to learn it all, they are willing to help you and make sure you have gained the most information about the class.


Emory & Henry College is not a large school where the students are simply a number to the faculty and staff. Numerous examples of being known by the college as a human being are; the President of the college invites every Freshman and transfer student to her house for dinner to personally get to know us, the cafeteria and cleaning people know our names and faces and will talk with the students if they have a free moment, and the teachers personally help you one on one instead of making another student aid the students.


The atmoshpere of this school is unique. The school is very old and very small. The people who come here are of a different type of people. They love the history of the shool and take pride in its history and age. The professors here really want to see the students succeed. They really take an interest in their students and they are easy to approach and talk to. I could see myself being friends after school with almost all of the professors I have encountered. There is a feeling a community and home on this campus.