Emory University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Most people think of Emory as a sort of "Pre-Med Central." (It's certainly a fantastic place to be if you are pursuing a career in medicine, but the majority of students at the College, at least by junior year, are not pre-med.) Emory's also well known for its myriad research opportunities and strong emphasis on the liberal arts (it's got one of the best Creative Writing programs in the nation!). Finally, it has quite the academic reputation and is sometimes referred to as the 'Harvard of the South.'


Emory is best known for its academics and research opportunities


I believe it is best known for its school of medicine.


Preparing students for the health or business fields


Emory University is best known for the many academic opportunities it presents. There is a wide of range of career-related majors and programs. As a result of this educational diversity, there are lots of successful stories related to the careers of many students, in the spectrum of both arts and sciences. The school has an abundance of graduate schools, from that help students further their educational careers, thereby making them more marketable and competent in their fields of specialty. With this striking quality comes an array of reputable, honorable professors, who always bring out the best in each student


It is best known for it's research.


Dooley's week: a week in the spring that is full of celebrations! Dooley, our secondary mascot to the Emory eagle, is a skeleton and a joke. Every day of Dooley's week, Dooley (a person dressed in the skeleton costume), walks around campus with his security and goes into random classrooms and dismisses the classes early. Dooley's week also features two huge concerts, one that's called Dooley's ball. For Dooley's ball, think halloween. Everyone dresses up and wears a costume. Candelight walk for seniors: Before graduation, a few nights before, all seniors walk with candles through Lulwater Coke Toast: You do this during your freshman dinner and at graduation


Emory is best known to me for the gorgeous campus.


My school is best known for its outstanding academics as well as its great diversisty. Emory is also known for having a strong balance between athletics and academics, as demonstrated by the success of many of its athletic teams.




Emory University is best known for its phenomenal educational resources, liberal environment, and dedication to the success of its students. My school provides a high level of comfort and security to its students, as well as an array of activities, organizations, and challenging classes. Ranking among the top 20 institutions in the United States, Emory can be a highly competitive setting. However, my school continues to be a beacon of success for the thousands of students that come here from all over the world to receive a higher education.


Emory University is best known for great Pre-med Program. The school offers challenging and in-depth science classes with great professors, who strive in ther research, and many programs that assist students in succeeding in their classes. It is also number one Woman's Studies and Ethics.


My school is known for its high academic standards and dedication to research. The campus is beautiful and is located in the middle of one of the most dynamic cities in the United States. The teachers are devoted to their jobs and provide exceptional support for their students. The class sizes are small giving the students the ability to interact easily not only with the professor but with each other.


Emory is best known for being expensive and having a lot of rich students. Whenever I tell someone that I go to Emory University, they usually ask me if I have a big scholarship or if my family has a lot of money. At first I thought it was just a rumor, but there are plenty of students here who drive BMWs and other luxury cars.


Emory is best known for its small campus, and intimate environment. The campus of 5,000 offers the feeling of being a part of a large community, yet the intimacy of a small, private campus. This allows for great social development in a college environment, as students are encouraged by eachother to explore and engage in new activities, hobbies, academic pursuits and/or experiences. Many great friends are made in an academic setting where professors know you by your first name, and offer great one on one interaction for personal academic development.


Skeletons are everywhere!


Dooley, Emory's unofficial mascot, comes out this week every year for some fun and misrule.


not sure


Being the best school in Atlanta. People around Atlanta don't like those who go to Emory, though, because of their stuck-up nature and stereotypical long island accents.


It is really well-rounded. It is well known for its business, nursing, medical and law schools. It does very well as a liberal arts college.


Probably the academic prestige. They make you work hard, but it is all for good reason.


Medschool, and Business School. The Nursing is also not bad. We're also known for not having a football team.


My school is known for its pre-professional programs such as its business school, pre-med pre-law, pre-pharmacy programs etc. We also have a very diverse group of students on these different pre-professional tracks.Our business school is very, very strong as well and our overall ranking is top 20 in the nation.


I would say our school is best known for it's beautiful campus. You can step outside and feel like you're a part of nature.


pre-med,pre-business, Jewish American Princesses, rich ass people, and ASIANS


Producing succesful alumni in whatever field they chose.


It is best known for it's undergraduate budisness school and pre-med curriculum. It is also known for it's well-qualified professors and strong academics.