Emory University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The distgustingly large endowment it has and its relatively miniscule allocation of that endowment towards academic funding.


Sometimes the workload can be frustrating. It really depends on what courses/career path you are pursuing. For someone who is pre med, I have a demanding schedule in the sciences. However, I really feel that after the initial frustration, I have learned a lot to make all the stress worthwhile.


The most frustrating thing is trying to "keep up" with most of your peers. Students often manage to balance academics on top of volunteer work and extracurriculars, which may be difficult based on the time requirements of all three. However, this frustration also serves as motivation to work hard yourself.


I believe that the most frustrating thing about the school is the difficulty of the classes. Sometimes when you think that you are doing everything you can to do well in a class, it just doesn't pay off. There is so much emphasis on doing well academically at this school.


I don't think there is anything frustrating with school because frustration is something you bring upon yourself, which means you can fix it.


The pressure to know exactly what career you would like to pursue. It seems as if everyone is pre-something (pre-med, pre-law, pre-business, etc.). I think that this takes away from being able to take a variety of classes and explore different fields of study.


The fact that it is a private school and the high cost of tuition.


It's a small campus (since I go to Oxford College of Emory University in Covington, GA) so relationships form fast, but that means they also can break quickly. So be careful with friendships. Be smart.


Trying to find a good balance between work-load and having a life outside of school.


Limited major options, no big sports, lack of unity


The most frustrating thing is the lack of affordable off campus housing and a lack of off campus jobs. Also the parking registration fee is very high and can be a challenge to afford for some students from poorer families.


The workload isn't heavy... but you have to rely a lot on yourself to study and adjust to a more difficult and fast-paced learning environment. Most people at the school are also very rich and intelligent and can come off as 'snotty.'


School sometimes is very overwhelming, especially the price. Emory is extremely expensive, and this year although I explained my circumstances to the financial aid office I recieved no help. I wish they would be more understnading to personal situations and treat their students like the value them.


lack of financial aid


Emory costs a great deal of money and there are jokes around campus since there's always constuction which is annoying to work around... "That extra 5k my parents spent sure did make getting to Chem ontime an ordeal!" etc. I also think that Emory should encourage students to spend more than one semester abroad instead of being so restrictive. It is very difficult to spend more than 1 semester and a summer session abroad, yet Emory has a good relationship with the Carter Center and other places around Atlanta that would encourage greater global responsibility.


People who slip through the cracks.


The most frustrating thing is the lack of a football team. Although we are in the south, there is no football and sometimes you feel as if youa re in what is called the emory bubble which isolates you somewhat from the rest of Atlanta. The feeling at emory is very different from the rest of the south. Another frustrating thing is how much certain groups of people hang together. most northerners, East asians, and African americans stick to themselves a lot. The university makes a strong attempt at breaking and encouraging everyone to assimilate but it typically doesnt work

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