Emory University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


If I could pinpoint anything that upsets me about my school it would be the lack of diversity on campus. In the real world, you are surrounded by a variety of cultures and languages. In order to be successful in the real world, I feel you must immerse yourself in a diverse setting rather than isolate yourself in a bubble consisting of people sharing the same language and culture. On the bright side, Emory has increased its number of minority groups in recent years, accepting a larger portion of Hispanic/Latino, African American, and Asian/Pacific Islander students.


The worst thing about my school is its location relative to the city of Atlanta. This makes it hard for students without cars and money for taxis to explore the city of Atlanta.


I feel like professors are very research focused, and aside from the Business school there is less emphasis on practical work experience and more emphasis on academic research. I wish professors would help more to get people jobs in industry instead of steering them towards research/graduate school.


Emory does not have a football team, nor is it Division I school


The diversity is hyped up, but it is hard to see it physically around.


Hard to get financial aid if you fall under middle class.


The grading scale. I feel that the minus grades have a negative connotation. It would be much better to have regular and plus grades such as A, B+, B, C+, and so forth. It would boost the students confidence in their grades.


Some students are there for the prestige, rather than the education.


Trying to figure out the worst thing about my school is a much more difficult task than I thought it would be! Ithink the worst thing about my school is that we have a great diversity of people, but within that diversity people tend to stay within their comfort zones -- therefore staying within the bounds of their ethnicity/culture. I wish that Emory had a better system of integrating everyone here on campus. I know that it is a hard task because you can't MAKE someone do something, but if there were just some way!




The most disturbing factor about Emory University is the lack of school spirit displayed by the students. Ultimately, this lack of enthusiasm for the university filters into the faculty and staff. Very few students being their academic career by exhibiting immense pride in being at Emory. However, many students graduate with at least a sense of respect for university. For a student beginning his/her career, this lack of school spirit can be contagious, and if it is not deflected early on, a student can become disheartend at or discontented with the institution.


The student body. Most are dissatisfied with Emory, and are apathetic towards the school. People complain about students' arrogance and self-importance. The people here aren't really interested in learning, just getting a good grade to make it into graduate school.


The worst thing about Emory is that due to its prestigious name, many students who apply are usually those with money who want to obtain a respectable degree. Many of these students believe that their college degree can be bought, and actual hard work is overrated. Some even believe that simply having an Emory degree will land them a 6-figure job after graduation. Being in classes with students such as these is very frustrating as the learning environment is compromised, and the lack of students you can relate to for academic challanege and support is an ever constant.


It is so expensive.


The lack of community at the school. It makes it difficult to connect with fellow students and leads to very tight cliques of friends.


We do not have a football team; it makes for low school spirit.


Parking. The parking isn't very easy to find and if you do find a parking spot then you have to ride a bus which can take upwards of 30 minutes. It can get very frustrating at times.


It is extremely financially difficult on my family. Additionally, I feel like there is too much drinking on campus.


The worst thing about my school is that it is predominantly Jewish, and sorority/fraternity life dominates the social scene on campus.


The worst thing about my school is they don't offer jobs for those that don't qualify under fafsa. I don't like this because I can't get a job on campus.


The dining food and plan is not worth the money students have to spend on it.


The worst thing is that I feel there is not cohesiveness in the student body because we are so diverse.


I think there is not much advising help for those who need it. For example, those people are in the business school, or premed, or have a specific direction have advisors. Those who are confused, have a major but no real future job do not have the appropriate / much needed help.


The worst thing about my school is people shout and sing songs at night which distracts some from studying or wakes people up at night.


the worst thing at Emory would have to be the focus on academic success through gaining a high GPA. I have learned a lot here taking what most consider random courses and had fun doing it (though I don't have the world's best GPA).


People are too interested in themselves, and not interested enough in improving the world and being kind to those around them. The school is too materialistic.


The shuttle system is really. Although our shuttles are eco-friendly, I feel that there are not enough shuttles and they are not dependenable. I live rgiht off campus and I cannot even depend on it. Therefore, I have to pay about $650 per year just to be able to park to go to my classes. I hope that the school will improve on this very soon.


The worst thing about Emory is how much it costs. It is one of the most expensive schools in the nation, but the academics and the teachers are some of the best in the country. It kind of balances itself out, but I must say the worst thing about Emory is paying $40,000 a year to attend the school.


The price is the worst thing about my school. Be cause it is so expensive, it would seem that only the rich can attend Emory and reieve a tp notch education.


the price


Everyone can get too focused on academics and lose sight of the fact that the fours years in college can be some of the most fun to be had especially with the school being in Atlanta


There is too great a focus on pre-med and pre-business curricula. Sometimes you get treated like you are not working as hard if you have a different major. That attitude can be very off-putting, especially if you are someone who likes to casually dabble in the sciences. People wonder if you are just being lazy not fully majoring in a "hard science."


It is too expensive.