Emory University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Students will disappointed at Emory University's Oxford College campus if they want a large school feel with a huge sports culture. Students should also not attend Oxford if they desire to attend school in a major city. Despite being 30 minutes from Atlanta, Oxford has a very rural feel.


Emory caters to individuals concerned with improving the community through acts of community service and a rigorous higher education. Students not interested in trying to empower the world and its individuals should not attend this school. People not prepared for an arduous workload in courses should also refrain from applying to this four year accredited university.


Someone who only does homework when he/she can't avoid it.


Persons that are lazy and uncommitted to study


Anyone who cannot handle academic pressure of any kind should not attend this school. This institution is extremely competitive and the student are constantly competing with one another to be the best.


Someone who is lazy or not determined should not come to this school. The school gives contiunous hard work.


People who should not attend the school are those who do not want to work or study hard. If they are not devoted to their education, through thorough and sincere desire and determination to learn then they cannot completely achieve their academic goals and purposes. They should be ready to make education and success their major priority and adhere to the regular formula for great success. They cannot slack and hope they make it but must sacrifice their time, effort, and substance for the sake of pursuing a great academic career. Also it is good to maintain a good attitude.


Someone who is not serious about their work shouldn't attend this school.


Students who intend to "float" through college without challenging themselves intellectually should look elsewhere. Emory students are extremely motivated and passionate, and this university is the platform on which they make an impact on the world around them. With an incredibly diverse demographic, each student is constantly challenged to deepen their passions and self-knowledge.


A student dedicated to academic success and wants to attend a pre-professional school. Students at Emory usually have a plan and know what they want to do. It is also a great place for science related fields and research. There is alot of support for pre-med and pre-business students. In addition Emory is a very well rounded school, that gives students unique extracurricular opportunities. Come to Emory if you wish to be successful!


Emory is such a diverse school and I believe that there really is something here for everyone. There are all types of people here, staff included! Yes, everyone is different, but everyone belongs.


The person that should attend this school is one that is driven to meet their goals. Emory University requires people to devote much of their time to the school and studies. If students are looking for the party scene, this is not the school that would fit them best. Many ethnic classes attend the college and Emory strives to keep the student body diverse.


Economically disadvantaged


People who are looking for a school with LOTS of school spirit. Emory does not have a football team (or any D1 sports teams), which is the basis for the overwhelming school spirit found at many schools.


one not dedicated to studying hard


Someone who is not open to trying new things and meeting new people and somene who does not want to work hard in order to succeed.


I'm not sure really. There's a great deal of academic competition at Emory, but somehow slackers and partiers still seem to get by. There are strict rules and consequences for drunks and drug-users, though.


People who are very invovled in their communties and strive to do very well academically should attend Emory. The school is full of former high school sports captains, student body presidents, and people who were in leadership positions. Mostly everyone is very social, but as a whole people are very high strung. The majority of the population is not relaxed.


Emory is not the place for a closed-minded individual resistant to self-change and enlightenment.


A person who is deeply conservative or doesn't like the city.


I believe this school is open to anyone. More so open minded people than anything else, however closed minded people can benefit from this school to. It opens up the opportunity to get to know people from other cultures and practicies from cultures and religions different from your own. As long as you are open to leanring and trying new things, Emory University is the school for you.


I can't say that any certain kind of person shouldn't attend Emory. This school is very diverse and very accepting. I have met so many different people here at Emory and also in Atlanta. It's hard to say that a certain type of person shouldn't attend school here, but the competition is pretty tough so if you don't come into school with a focused mentality then you won't be attending the school for long.


So much of the social scene revolves around Greek life, that it makes it difficult for individuals to do much with others on campus unless they step into a frat house. Fortunately, the gym is often open late and you will always be able to find others to play basketball, volleyball, soccer, or badminton with. Also the school is in the suburbs of Atlanta, and downtown is 10 minutes away, so the city is accessible. Also, the school often wants to uphold its image of academic excellence, so do not expect to be able to not attend classes without penalty.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is the type of person who isn't serious about there education or their future career.


If your not serious about your future or your career Emory isn't the place for you. Students that are looking for a 4-year party will find the weeks to be uneventful but the weekends to be just what they are looking for. It?s a work hard play hard environment and if you aren't prepared to balance the workload with the social scene then you?re out of luck.


Someone who is not looking for hard work, or a campus with lots of varsity sport events or school spirit