Emory University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had looked through all the programs and extracurricular activities they offered, so I would be able to try ones that I liked right off the bat.


While I didn't personally find any surprises at school, many of my friends here did have the intial idea that they would be able to go into Atlanta city and explore and check things while at school, but in reality they rarely had time. There's a rich environment around the school, but there are a lot of things happeing in school that will keep you very busy. You must organize your time wisely if you have an intention of often leaving campus.


I wish I had done more research about other schools before applying to Emory. When i read about this school, I assumed every other college would be the same in terms of financial costs as well as campus life.


I wish I had taken advantage of more leadership opportunities at my high school. Such experiences are invaluable in college because no matter how insignificant it may seem, they contribute to self-confidence and capabilities in college. Emory is full of passionate individuals and provides endless opportunities to make your ideas heard, so leadership skills are continously being built upon. I also wish that I had not let the cost of tuition deter me from applying there as a freshman because where there is a will there is a way to attend the college that fits you best.


I wish I had at least been advised about the consequences of going out of state for college. An out of state education means increased tuition, in many cases less financial aid and more stress in terms of monetary issues. Knowing this ahead of time would have at least prepared me for the hardship to come. In all though, attending Emory has taught me to take this as a learning experience.


I wish I would have known about more scholarships so I could have applied because books are not cheap. They will be costing me a fortune and I wish I had applied to more scholarships so they would have heped me during my financial situation.


I wish I had known about the high cost of attending Emory. I also wish I had known that while Emory has many resources it does not advertise them readily nor does it offer much guidance to the students. I wish I had know that the advising programs used at the beginning of the school year do not accurately advise students in classes, majors, etc.


It is important to think twice about having a long distance relationship your freshman year. Students must understand that moving away from home is hard enough and it is even harder when you leave your heart with someone hundreds of miles away, it really keeps you from fully enjoying and embracing the transition into college. Also, freshman need to not take on too many courses andd extra-curricular activites too quickly. Take it easy, get in the grove of college and then take things on one at a time so you aren't biting off more than you can chew.


I wish I would have known that if I was not satisfied with my FAME (Freshman Advising and Mentoring) advisor, there were several other people I could contact for help. This would have saved me a lot of stress and poor-advising from someone not specialized in the school of business. If you are not satisfied with the help from your advisor, contact a Dean...they will put you in the right direction and get you the appropriate help you need.


I wish I knew that the student population was very shallow and unimaginative. There is a dull social dynamic perpetuated by the spoiled students who attend this university. It does not promote creativity or art but rather cold, hard fields capable of paying their employees well such as medicine, business, and law.


That it's not actually IN Atlanta


How liberal it was. Though I loved it there, it could sometimes be a little hard to take.


The Business School is big here and there are a lot of money-driven snobs. However if you avoid Goizueta, everyone else is down to earth and extremely open minded and intellectual.


I wish I had known that it would be easier than I thought it would be to make friends, and that I would need all the motivation I can get.


That there would be so many rich kids here


I wish I had known that it is a RESEARCH institution and that the campus is essentially a bureaucracy that passes off as a college.


There is ethnic diversity in my school; however, I do not find diversity in interests or likes between the people. I feel like every student at Oxford of Emory is interested in the same sports, hobbies, music, but I am different. I do not find people like me in my school, and I stand out.


I wish that I had known my major my first two years before trying to "figure myself out."