Endicott College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love that Endicott Is a small community in which many students develop personal, meaningful relationships with their faculty and professors. The atmosphere amoung the employees of the college is very positive and it is obvious that they are all here for the same purpose; to help students reach their full potential. It is an excellent feeling to have all of your professors know your name and to feel comfortable aproaching them with questions.


The best thing about Endicott College is the stress on intersnahips and carreer. Students are required to complete three internships before graduation. Two during our first two years for 120 hours each, the third is the first semester of their senior year for the entire semester. These internships are required that way students get hands on experience in the fields that are being studied, the internships also allow for students to realize before graduation if they actually can see themselves working in their fields of study for the rest of their lives.


The academic programs at Endicott are good. Endicott allows you to explore almost any major you're interested in. You can also create your own major or graduate with a liberal studies degree. I think this is good for students who are considering a few different options because they don't rush you into choosing a major.


Without a doubt, the best thing about my school is the great opportunities provided by the internship program. At Endicott a student must complete internships in three out of their four years at the college (a 120 hour internship freshman and sophomore year and a semester-long one either junior or senior year). My freshman year internship experience was beyond my expectations, reinforcing what I had learned in class and inspiring a confidence that sports management is the right major for me.


I enjoy the sense of community and the spirit that the school encapsulates. The community is diverse and is welcoming to all students. Also, having numerous beaches is a glamorous site. While the work may be tough at times, their are great resources that can help a students understanding of a certain subject. Also internships are required each winter of a students freshman, sophomore, and senior year (a full semester internship). The internships are benficial to a students knowledge about an occupation in his or her field. Endicott College allows students to be at peace and gain a recognizable education.


The location, right on the ocean. Nice campus in relation to other schools. At what other school can you wake up in a mansion overlooking the ocean. It makes you forget about some of the negative aspects of Endicott.


I love the internship program at Endicott. I was originally majoring in Advertising but after my first internship I discovered I enjoyed the creative aspect of Advertising. At my internship I exposed myself to all the different departments, which led me to the graphics department. I learned more about my strengths and weaknesses and I changed my major to Graphic Design and my Minor to Advertising. I am very grateful to have discovered this early in my college career because I have furthered myself as a Graphic designer in my other internship. I now feel set for succes after college.




My school is a great fit for me. It is building & committed to the visual and performing arts (my major and reason for choosing this college) It is a ton of work but i feel prepared for my internships and that i am getting great experience. I am able to play a varsity AND a club sport which keeps me very involved on campus. My work-study job is fun and I have met so many friends. It's not to far from home. I love it.


The education, professors, scenery/campus, and school spirit.


The athletic program and the president. The althletic programs are competitive and communicate a positive form althlets. The president of the college looks out for all areas of the school. The athletics, arts, majors, and staff are all looked upon for expantion and betterment for the school.


Location, three private beaches, close to city


The atmosphere and the campus are the best things about Endicott. The campus itself is gorgeous and almost all brand new.


The sense of community and the "little things" that you only get from going to a private college. For example, when it's cold out we skate on the pond, if campus safety sees us out there, they bring out hot chocolate. There are random festivals and celebrations free of charge with food and giveaways. At the annual "fall festival" they give out free goldfish for your dorm! Its a very friendly school at which you can say hi to anyone in passing and strangers are constantly holding the door for each other. Three private beaches arent bad either!


Small class sizes are definitly a top choice. Other than that, location,loacation,location. 3 Private beaches