Everest College-Dallas Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would have told myseif to make straight A's and stay away from the boys.


As a senior in high school I would give myself advice about being very successful and furthering my education as much as possible. Travel the world and explore life as much as I can. Meet as many people and have fun with life. But the major key in life in having a very high education. College is great, you can meet some wonderful people as well as learn from your experiences while attending.


I would choose the college iam intrest it in and start making my future plans and plan for whats comming and go on from there. I would say to myself not to give up theres a lot of chances out there to succed espacialy when you have kids that i have to take care of to keep going to succed to reach my dreams and goals.