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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior, there's one very importat lesson that I feel could have changed the way my whole life played out. I would've applied for college directly out of high school. This would extract the almost 6 yr gap in my educational background. If I would've applied for and attended college directly out of high school, I could have been living my career as a Paralegal for almost 4 years now. The average Paralgal, after 5 years experience, earns about $80,000 per year. I'm just beginning my college courses toward being a Paralegal; had I known then what I know now, I would be bringing home about $70,000 this year.


Johnny you have an oportunity to achieve something remarkable that can never be taken away from you. You will make decisions in life that greatly impact you and other than being with the one you love none may be larger than going to college. An education will teach you so much about yourself and give you power you never thought possible. You may choose to not attend right after you graduate high school and tell yourself you will go later. But the longer you procrastinate the more excuses you will come up with. Imagine your professional life beginning at age 22 rather than 40. It is never too late to go back to school but the riches rewarded are worth starting early. You have the ability and you are smart enough to achieve your goals. Create your own future and your own life. Go to college and begin your journey.