Everett Community College Top Questions

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The school doesn't have any one focus, but rather it covers a wide expanse of topics and I think it is really exciting to be able to take all the different subjects offered at EvCC.


I decided on the Everett Community College because it allowed me to do my classes online so I could still work full time. It also allows me to get my bookkeeping degree and still continue working towards an accounting degree.


I don't know what if anything is unique about my school compared to other schools. Everett Community College was the only school that I considered due to its close proximity to my home and the programs that they offer. I am going to be able to receive a double ATA and two certificates in the time it would take to earn one ATA and certificate.


My school of design, within the University of Cincinnati, is unnique because it is one of the highest ranked design schools in the country, which I am enrolled in.