Excelsior College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


It is an online school so you get to know your classmates through class discussion boards and the colleges community discussion boards. Everyone seems eager and ready to learn. No slackers here, from what I can tell.


Being an online student, you are very independent with your studies. Excelsior College has many online communities and discussion sessions for students to "meet".


My classmates at Excelsior are diverse and unique, spanning across many different races and ages, and ranging from active duty military members to stay at home parents, from first time degree seekers to students seeking their second or third degrees - no two students are in quite the same boat at Excelsior.


My classmates at Excelsior College are extremly varied and diverse. Majority of the enrolled students are online so my fellow classmates are form all 50 states and beyond. Some are just out of high school and others have lots of real world experience.


Older more mature individuals are able to focus on their education on their needs.