Fashion Institute of Technology Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


I am in a block of classes, which means I have about 5 classes with the same group of about 24 people. All of my professors know me by name, and they are all wonderful. I have had only one mildly bad experience so far. BEST class by far was Art History my very first semester; worst would be the generic little geometry course I got stuck in to fulfill a math requirement. Seeing as I am not a traditional college student (Communication Design), I have to say I don't study or hit the books because I never really have to. Working all night and stressing about projects and deadlines is common, though. Students are incredibly competitive--you would be too if instead of taking a test, you had to put your work up onto a wall and compare it to your peers. I find it incredibly motivating and an excellent learning process. The Communication Design department is pretty awesome. I love spending hours in class getting into projects and discussing them with classmates. It's a great, chill group of students who are NOTHING like the little elitist fashionistas from Jersey who are getting a degree in how to be a store manager for their local Macy's. Based on the fact that my major can be more specified in the final two years (Graphic, Advertising, Packaging Design), I feel like the department knows what we need to know before we graduate. I feel very much taken care of in that aspect.


All the classes are around 20 or less students each, which is great because you become really close to the kids in your class and you get to be on a one to one basis with your professor. Professors give personal attention to each student and really give them critical feedback on all their work to help the students excel and become better at their major everyday. This school is very competitive, yet all the students support each other and inspire each other. We all want the best jobs and to be the best designers, so we continue to push ourselves. All the classes here are geared towards your major, you also have to take liberal art classes. This is the perfect school to fully get a professional understanding and experience of your major, before even graduating.


FIT's major concentration professors are very good. All have worked in their respective fields for ten or more years, and they are all very knowledgable about the material. There are also some really great electives pertaining to the fashion field. FIT offers courses that are not offered anywhere else, which is a great resource. However, the general education courses are lacking, unchallenging, and a bit degrading at times. If you are looking for a well rounded education, FIT is not the place to go.


Challening but we will be competing in the real world so thank you, faculty, for not giving us a pass.