Fashion Institute of Technology Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A poorly organized and non artistic student may not find this school ideal. Its workload is heavy and rigorous and focuses mainly on arts and business aspects for the work environment.


If you are someone who is open minded and looking for a school that prepares you for thefashion inudstry, go to the Fashion Institute of Technology.


A person studying to be a doctor - there isn't a course for that field but everyone else is highly encouraged and recommended to apply . The school offers a variety of majors within the art,entertainment, fashion and beauty industry that can't compare to any other school.


If you are homophobic in any way this school is NOT the place for you. Most of the male students are gay and if being around people who are gay makes you uncomfortable this isn't the place for you. Also, if you are a girl looking for a potential husband/boyfriend, go somewhere else. And if you aren't sure about your major you'll feel very out of place amongst the career driven students at this school. Also if you don't "dress up" for class you'll feel out of place in jeans and a t-shirt.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is somebody who is not creative. The students who go here are so creative and talented. Within all of the different degree programs there are all different kinds of people using their creativity. Whether is be fashion design, interior design, or fine arts we are all using our creativity in a different way to get our point of view across. Students here use their creative abilities to speak. By creating different things you can finally hear what they are trying to say and it is amazing!


Someone who is looking for the typical/ traditional college experience! There are no football games or greek life, etc....


I had a classmate who performed terribly in classes, because he didn't care about the class work. He told one of our professors that the reason for his poor performance was because he 'just didn't find the assignments interesting'. If you don't find assignments that teach you about design you probably shouldn't go to this school. If you aren't willing to put in the work don't waste the professors' time.


Anybody who is not sure about their future, and do not see themselves somewhere making a difference in the world competing with some of the top competitors in his or her related industry should not attend this school. It is a rather fast paced city and work enviornment. If you are not ready to take life head on & run with some of the best, you will get left in the dust.


Someone who is not open minded, creative, or driven emotionally to be great at what they love.


closed minded.


really really book smart people who want t party at a university.


Someone who is creative, likes big cities and can handle a lot of work. Also you have to be very passionate about what you want to do.


Mostly girls and gay men who are interested in fashion whether it be design, advertisement, or merchandising. People who are interested in urban lifestyles. It's very diverse


If you are not motivated to work hard, you shouldn't be at this school.


people who are not focused - not ambitious


A person who loves fashion, wants a really good job, doesn't like routine, works hard, likes diversity, and is very open to new things.


Creative, focused people who like a challenge. Someone that is not afraid to be different or express themselves. Also, someone who is good at managing their time and handling a lot of work at once.


If you're not interested in business or art, this is not the school for you!


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