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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


To Natalie: I know you're a nervous wreck about getting those acceptance letters. Don't stress about this whole process too much. Those twenty scholarship essays that you wrote will come in handy. Continue writing those. College will be completely different from high school. You will be surrounded by people who are passionate about what they're doing. You will have professors who really want to see you succeed. The Fashion Institute is your first choice for a reason. I know it's scary to think about leaving your family in Texas and moving to a new state by yourself, but it's worth it. Deciding to go to the Fashion Institute will be the scariest and best decision you will make during your teenage years. You will make really good friends, you'll get to work fashion week, you'll get to do the Breast Cancer Walk in Central Park, and you're going to experience so many new things. You'll finally get to see life outside of your hometown. Before all of this make sure you're saving your money and invest in a good coat. Things are going to work out. Love, College Freshmen Natalie


I would tell myself to just have fun. Don't worry or stress about pleasing your professors. It's more than that. In a major like illustration, you should be able to be open and express your mind in a visual way. The best work is made when you're not thinking about making it the best just making sure your voice is heard through pictures. Pictures that can tell a vivd story that truly captures the eye. There is a lot you can draw with just your imagination, just apply it the next time you want to draw. It's never bad to have your own personality into your work. That is what makes it yours and no one elses. Just stay true to what you love.


Hi Jonathan, I know you are excited to go to SUNY Oneonta. But your keep your paths and mind open to new ideas. Consider studying abroad, you would be surprised how powerful a trip to Oxford, England might be. Don’t be scared to change majors. That is what college is about, learning, evolving, and understanding life isn’t handed to you on a silver platter. Understand you will have professors that will change your life, others will bore you to death but it reflects real life. There will be people you’ll like and people you don’t like but you still have to interact with them. Compromise will be an important concept to understand as will time management. Partying is fun, I am not going to say it isn’t and you will meet some interesting people. But control yourself and realize time management comes into play when you are hungover and you realize you have a paper due by 7pm that night and you haven’t started it. It is better to have four close friends to help you when life beats you down, than a hundred that won’t look your way. Enjoy the ride.


As a high school senior, I was very afraid to start looking seriously at colleges and to think about leaving this school that I became so familiar with. I was unmotivated in college searches, feeling dreadful when the thought came to mind because I was just not ready for such a change. I only applied to a couple schools, and during that time I hadn't considered FIT at all. But if I could go back and tell my past high school self some important advice, I would say: Nadia, the future happens whether you are ready for it or not. You have the choice to go really wherever you want to go, and it is important to not let fear of the future cause you to be at a standstill and scare you. It is important to step out of your comfort zone because then you can realize so much more about yourself and the world when you do so. After highschool, I decided to start my college journey at a community college. I have no regrets about that because I met a lot of great people there, and I got to take their friendships with me here.


Don't be afraid to step outside your boundaries, make new friends and be open to others. It's okay to want to grow up and find internships and prepare for the real world but always remember that you're only young once. The people that you meet in college can truly influence your decisions so be sure not to be mingling in the wrong group of peers. Allow yourself to introduce yourself to people you typically wouldn't see yourself friends with because they might end up being your best friends. Don't put boys over friendships and work because college boys will come and go. Last but not least, always remember that you can't find happiness, happiness will come to you by being around the right people, doing what you love and being you.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to be more open. Get outside of my comfort zone, reach out to people in the industy and have a connection when I got to FIT. When I arrived at FIT I felt behind becuase most of the students lived close by and had been attending events at the school throughout high school. I have never been the type of person to do something I wasn't comfortable with and my anxiety has held me back in many situations. I didn't take job opportunities or trips that would have benefited my career becuase I was scared. I regret it and wish I could have had more confience in myself. I can't change the past so I have accepted it and made the best of my situation, and I think I've done pretty well for myself. I was accepted into major of only 25 students, I grow everyday and learn to become more confiedent in myself. In the next two years I will be more than ready to take the world by storm and I own it all to FIT.


Word of advice to senior Jessica, choose a college for you. Do not choose a school based on where your best friend is going or a school near your boyfriend. You made it into your dream school why I you thinking twice about it. College is all about preparing yourself for the future, in the classroom and outside of it. College is about the experiences and friends you will make that will last you the rest of your life. I know you, right now you're worried about not being good enough, smart enough, or even ready for independece. Guess what you are. You will survive college and love it. The City will be a big move for you but trust me you won't want to leave it once you become settled. You will find your group where you belong, you will finally realize what you want out of life, and you will finally gain the confidence you needed. I would tell you Good luck but trust me, you don't need it.


Be more comfortable with yourself. Stop trying so hard for the aproval of strangers. Be your own person. You do not need the aproval of strangers to feel validated. Since you will be a design major remember that when working on design projects trust yourself more. Do what feels right and do not constrain yourself by doing what you think others want. Try to focus more on yourself and your work. Know that the effort you put in now will go towards your own career and future. Be more responsible with yourself. The foods that you eat will affect you later on so make the right choices. Make the efort to join school clubs. You will meet really cool people with similar interest and you will get to be involved in cool projects. Overall, do not worry too much. College will be an amazing. You will find your passion for your work, meet like minded people and be exposed to amazing oportunities.


Looking back as an adult, I realize there are many opportunities I may have overlooked as a younger person. If I could go back in time, I'd probably tell myself to buy stock in Google - kidding! Realistically, I would offer guidance through the transistion to adulthood. During high school, I'd probably teach myself about personal finance - saving money, budgeting, student debt, and loans. I'd prepare myself for entering college by opening myself to the entire experience and cherishing every moment. Sometimes young people feel rushed into applying for college and choose a major without enough thought. I'd allow myself the time to deeply consider my options, and experiment in many different academic areas to discover where I excel. I would advise my younger self to seek out mentors who can offer advice based on real world experience. I'd say learn a language and practice it, learn an instrument and retain it, read a lot of books and remember them. Overall, I'd push myself to be aspire to greater heights to become a well-informed and productive member of society. Who hopefully owns stock in Google!


"Hey shmuly, I dont have enough words available to tell you as much as i want to, and i wish i could tell you so many things about your future. But i know that i shouldnt. If i tell you certain things now, it might disrupt the coarse of the future. The safest thing i can tell you is that the pain your feeling inside, the fear, the worry. It will pass. Im not saying you wont have pain, worry and fear in the future, but i know where you are in life at this age and i know what gives you pain, fear, and worry the most. Im letting you know this because i feal you need some hope in your current stage in life. Being that i was offered the opportunity to talk to you briefly, I felt it would make your days in school i bit more bearable to know it gets easier. Lol, it gets easier. Ive already said too much." (Voiceover Automated Message)"Dream travel sequence complete, would you like to submit your dream messege for review Mr. Toron?" "Yes. And VEM, thanks again for this opportunity. Its always been a dream of mine.


Now that I have experienced college, I would be able to give a very important advice. And that is to say, "follow your passion, listen carefully to your heart and learn what you enjoy the most. Make a list of things you like to do and find the one you love to do. Then, research, ask, and navigate through the best path you need to take which will leads you to the place you will love. Know your desire may change time to time, then remind yourself that you are still young and start again from where you are. You may make a mistake along the many decisions you will make in your academic and career path, so allow room for error. Then, remind yourself that no experience goes in vain in the end. Even, this mistake will help you. Know that you can make changes and keep going. Do not give up."


I would advise myself as a high school senior to take the process of finding colleges and applying more seriously. There is so much research that has to be done in order to make sure you don't end up at a school you don't hate. I wish I had dug deeper and looked at more schools rather than only applying to three (only two of which I visited), because I might not have ended up somewhere that I didn't care about and that didn't care about me.


Honestly, I wouldn't tell myself anything about my college experience. I was prepared enough and I am glad I went through the chaotic year I did. My first year of college was in an intense architecture program- so intense that I ended up in the hospital twice from exhaustion. But I would do it the same way, because now I appreciate FIT more than I ever would have!


When I was in high school I often took leadership roles including being my school's director for Christmas productions, being volleyball captain, and also taking charge of directiong my fellow students to compete in the ACE Mid-Atlantic Student Convention. If I could, I would tell my senior-self to communicate more properly and also to have finished more classes in math, sciene, and drafting. Because I have made these "regrets" I now want to be taking more classes in communication, chemistry, physics, calculus, and prerequisits. I would advice myself to approach constructive criticism more lightly, and to let people take charge of their own priorities, if they do not want to participate full-heartedly, then let them. I would tell my younger self to focus a little more on my own priorities and to consider what those extra high school science and math classes would have helped me in my present college classes when I'm trying to pursue engineering. I would tell myself to be even more creative and focused to draw and make drafts more often, and then to analyze my designs more keenly to perfect future mistakes.


If I had the chance to travel back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to prepare for the best years of my life. I wouldn't say anything too specific because that could ruin the fun. Instead, I think it would put my mind at ease to know that moving from Wichita KS to New York City was a good idea. I would warn about the work load and ask that I go to open studio more often. I would tell myself to try dipping the cafeteria pizza in the provided hot sauce sooner; only so that I could have the pleasure of enjoying it longer. Mostly, I would tell myself to cherish that first year in the dorm. I met my best friends in Alumni Hall. Now that I am living 45 minutes from each of them, I understand how great we had it. The time spent in that tiny kitchen with the sink that grunted weird noises at us. Or how we invented "crazy hour" where we would congregate in 12A and spend sleep deprived insanity together. My overall advice is simple: Don't panic. It's going to be amazing.


Well hello Ms.Michelle Robinson. I would like to give you a little heads up on your future. Knowing what I know now, I have a lot of advice to pass on to you. Being a high school student, not a lot of students take their class and homeowrk assignments or test seriously. Being a high school studnet, every free opportunity you have to learn, TAKE IT with open hands. Going to college is not cheap at all. Every class you take plus a book about $200 each starts to add up. If you can, get a part-time job and start saving up about $25 from every check, because every little penny counts. Start applying for EVERY scholarship possible. If its possible, start enrolling in Advance Placement or Dual Enrollment Classes just to get a head start on your college credits for free. Going from high school to college is a huge jump. Its not hard, you can do anything you put your mind to. Never give up and push yourself.


I would tell myself to not worry about making new friends and liking my roommates. Friends come easily when you're in college because people in your classes will have the same interests. Roommates are'nt as much of a problem as they make them out to be on tv and in advice books. Sure, it's difficult to share space with a complete stranger, but the onny times you're going to see them is at night and in the morning. You'll barely spend time in your room. Why would you want to when you can hang out with friends and you have classes?


As you look back in time it is very easy to see what you should, or could have changed. For myself I would suggest that I had tried harder to not stress as much. I am a very type A personality, so everything has a place and an order. If things went out of order it would cause me to get completely stressed out and caused me to not enjoy my senior year as much. I started college early in my senior year, and while that gave me a leg up on getting ahead credit wise, it caused me to focus only on school. So, looking back on my experiances, I would tell myself to relax a bit and to enjoy myself more than I did. Because in the end everything will end up being okay and working out.


If I could go back in time when I was a high-school senior, I should tell myself to “enjoy” my life. Actually, after I graduated from high school, I felt frustration on my life of the United States, because of not proper legal status. Therefore, I had to give up to attend 4-year University even I got accepted to many universities. Then, I applied to a community college disregard my opinion. During these time, I had hard time to get over this problem. I cried a lot, and sobbed into my pillow all the night while the terrible Summer time. Fortunately, when I attended the community college, I learned more than I thought. I also met good friends. Moreover, I could save money, because they accepted me as an in-state student. Now, I got accepted to a university that I desired to attend! With this opportunity, I learned lots of lessons in life. If I want to make a leap forward, then I should have time for reorganization. However, as I was young, I did not understand what it meant. Hence, if I enjoy every time in my life, an opportunity will come to me!


Dear high school self, Coming into college may be one of the most challenging things you do in your schooling career, but it will also be one of the greatest experiences. The first week of college is the toughest, especially if you decide to live in the dorms. Make the most of the first week, you will make some of your closest friends during this time. Be yourself and be social. Don't let your shy side stop you from meeting amazing people. Enjoy the experience that many students are not given the chance to have. Please resist the urge to go home, even though you will be dying for mom's cooking, because it only makes dorm living harder to adjust to. Make the most of your experience being away from home and living in a huge city such as New York. Take every opportunity you can to explore the city and make sure to document everywhere you go. Lastly, enjoy everyday and be thankful for the opportunity you are given. P.S. Please avoid the "freshman 15". I like my body the way it is! Sincerely, Your freshman in college self


Whatever you do, do not give up! Perseverance is key. I have learned throughout my college experience that good things happen when you put your all into them. So no matter how hard the times may be just know that it gets better and to give things you’re all no matter what. The biggest thing to keep in mind is to always challenge yourself because success stems from reaching to new heights which is what you have to do to live the life you are striving for. With passion determination and your goals in mind, your dreams will come true. Just like a camillian you transform for your environment, so don’t be afraid of change. Change is inevitable and you are fabulous at adapting! Overall just know that “what you think you become”, so continue to be positive and remember where you are trying to go in life and the track you must stay on to get there.


You are setting yourself up for failure! First thing you need to do is break up with, and distance yourself from your baby's father. You might be pregnant with his child but he is negatively impacting your mentality and that's not good for you or the development of the baby. Second thing you need to do is get yourself back into the classroom immediately. This tutoring program is not working for you and you know it. You need be in the classroom learning from a teacher because that's how you learn best. Third, start applying for scholarships now! There's a lot of money out there set aside for high school students who graduate on time. You are a beautiful, intelligent, young woman. There's a better life waiting for you and the sooner you realize how important education is, the sooner you'll get to this better life. If you knew what I knew now, you'd do as say and not as I did.


Make more time for my personal life, dont take on to many tasks at once, dont stress on a lot of things, enjoy life and appreciate every moment of it. Dont ever lose my drive, continue to be ambition, and to love the person that i am


I would tell myself to not stress so much about grades and to enjoy more activities. I would say to get involved more your freshman year with clubs and greek organizations. Also I would advise my high school self to branch out from just my group of friends from home.


Life does not begin and end in high school. The way things are today is not the way things will even be five years from now. The age that you go to college is irrelevant. It is more important that you attend college and graduate. Life as you know it, will change all the time and will be different than how you pictured it. Be ready to get out your map and find a new route to your goal. But, at the end of the day you are going to be fine, actually more than fine. Continue doing what you are doing and remember that the sky’s the limit for your dreams, goals and ambitions. Get involved in the school through clubs and volunteer opportunities. You will see in the future how these activities will enrich your life. To help find your place in the world experience as much as possible from live performances to cultural events, travel, and learn a language. Never worry about trying out to many things it helps you decide what you will become passionate about. College is short and life is long. In the end it is adversity that will make you strong.


Don't worry. Even though life is tough right now all of your dreams will come true, you'll just have to work even harder.


A transition like this will never come easy. You will get hurt along the way, but those who are loyal will help you through it. You will meet people with the same intrests as you and you will get to know some very great people. You will enjoy yourself and be content knowing you have a chance to do what you love. Nothing ever comes easy and you will understand it more as time goes on. Trust in yourself and do what you think is right.


The most important piece of advice I would offer would be to follow my instinct. I would encourage myself to follow every interest and attempt everything. My mother has always said that “you only lose, if you don’t try” and “you shouldn’t settle for the first choice, but try for what you want, even if it seems impossible”. The transition to college may seem hard at first, but if you are happy with the decision you made,with what you are accomplishing, and where you are, you will enjoy the journey. Knowing what I know now, I would convince myself that college is the perfect time to experience new things and discover all the possibilities of the future, all you need to do is open yourself up to experience and dedicate yourself to everything college has to offer. Sometimes that involves not only studying, but also participating in the community and campus. I would tell myself to open up to the people and environment that college has to offer.


The best advice I would give myself is that Focus 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} , design is my life and I live and breathe it . I would have stayed a bit more focussed in my work and learned more. I know I beat myself up about having a learning disabilty but i work so hard so that i don't feel sorry for myself. I belive like everyone else I have an equal oppertunity to learn. I wish I would have made the friends I have at school now from the begining . It was a hard transistion but after the first year my friends became a family to me . School is the foundation of your career you learn alot about what you will do in the field. Friends are good to have but know that there is a time and place foreverything don't let friendship be your down fall. Always stay positive and know you can acheive any and everyting you put your mind to. Remember what you want and go after it let nothing stop you and always stay on the right track in the begining it's hard but in the end it will get better.


College represents the first time students are given a choice where they'll go to school. Everyone who is going to school with you made a conscious decision to be in the same place that you are now. It's a time to embrace the similarities you share and make connections that can serve you in the future. College can be your chance to go outside of your comfort zone and meet new people who challenge your views on important issues. It allows you to break away and take time to create your own view of the world apart from the views instilled in you by your parents and best friends back home. Allow yourself to learn outside of the classroom and don't spend your first weeks worrying about making new friends. Instead, find a club to join, go to events, and friends will appear. A lot of people go to college and try to be a new person on the first day, but if you don't try you'll find that by the end of your four years there, you'll be a new person all on your own. Give it time and college will change you.


Currently, I am in my second year of college setting out to obtain my Associate Degree of Nursing to become an RN. After that I plan on transferring to obtain my BSN and then getting a Masters in nursing but I'm not sure which field yet. From only two years of college I have had plenty of valuable experiences. I have a sense of what it's like to be on your own and having to work hard for what you want. This has made me a stronger and harder working person for it. I know things in life are never handed to you and if you want to be successful you will have to strive for everything you want to achieve, not sit around and wait for it to come your way. It has been valuable to attend because not only have I gotten the education and knowledge I need, I have made friendships with many people who I wouldn't have met if I hadn't attended college. With each person different, I have learned many valuable things from all of them and their college experiences as well. I wouldn't trade this experience for the world.


The first thing I have gotten out of my college experience is my education. I feel that this school is one of the best schools to go to for fashion design. I have learned from the best professors and they have furthered my passion for designing. I feel that if I want to succeed in the fashion industry then I need to learn from the best and that is exactly what I am doing. I have also gotten oppurtunities out of my college experience. I have been able to meet with designers, have internships, and volunteer at fashion week. The school has given me so many oppurtunites to further my career and I have just had to take them. They try so hard to get you out there and fullfill your dreams. I also have been able to meet and network with a lot of people. There are over 80 different clubs at the school and I can proudly say I am a member of 3. This has allowed me to meet and be involved with other students who are just as passionate as I am. I love that I am constantly surrounded by people who are just like me!


My College experience is not over yet, but with my Failures have comme Success. Success in adapting, followed by making a difference. I appreciate the American Way where these differences can be, and are qualities. Encouragement and belief. No fear of passing on the knowledge. Thirst for multiplying the production of your own ideas. I can now see the road I wish to walk. Hopefully my only fear of being stopped by financial incapibilties will see an end... Most Classrooms overlook the streets of New York City as well. And it is the soulful vibes of my City who have made me grown. It is the ethnic vibes of my City who have made me wise. It is the mighty vibes of my City who have made me, me.


I got a great foundation to start my career off with. I dont think if I would have attended any other school I would be as prepared as I am today to start a career in the competitive fashion industry.


Working with professors that are currently working professionals is the most valuable asset to this school. Not only was I able to receive some outside freelance work from the professors that cared about me, but I was able to get valuable insight on the industry as it is today. Working professors are also amazing because they provide a practical overlay to the theoretically driven curriculum. The interdependence of these two levels of learning has taught me how to process raw information and turn into something that is my own. You can neither rely on practical learning nor rely on theoretical learning. The most important lessons I've learned involve melding the two together. This is something that I would not have been able to learn that at any other college.


I have discovered a different part of myself . I've discovered that I'm creative and outgoing. Being in New York City has helped me come out of my shell and experience the world around me. If the campus was anything but NYC- I would still be that small town girl from Suwanee, GA. Attending FIT has enriched my life in so many ways. It's allowed me to express myself through my photography, fashion, and dance. I have found myself in so many ways. Coming out of my small country town I grew up dealing with strong rasism thinking it was just part of daily life. FIT and NYC has taken me in and made me feel at home- even in a city of 8 million people. The school is accepting, diverse and strong. FIT is preparing me for my future with internships and career sessions. It has opened me up to a new way of life. I'm independent, strong, happy, and feel accepted.


With todays crushing economy, it is crucial to have a post secondary education or college degree. Many job fields and skill trades demand an education and degree in order to be hired. With the desire to become a police officer, I have been faced with the reality that a degree is a must. Going to college the past few years I have learned much in the way of an education but also that the experiences are much more effective as well. I have learned to be more independent and get the obstacles in front of me accomplished on my own. I have become more of a leader in taking care of myself and also that helping others in school is very important because you might need their help later down the road. This experience and break to reality was the most important and very valuable to me in the fact that I would still be very dependable on my parents and others for help in life and wouldn't be as successful than I am on my own.


I have gotten a lot of knowledge from my college experience so far. I am currently studying interior design and I have learned so much so far. I have also gotten a different outlook in terms of my art. The instructers at FIT work with the students to help them turn design ideas into reality so that in the real world, we will be better off when working with clients. It has been valuable to me to attend college because without the background I am getting now, I don't believe that I would be able to go as far as I know I can now go.


I have been a mechanic since I was 14 in all areas that you can think of. With all the experience that I have, this is actually my first opporitunity to go to school and get an actual education. I have gotten so much out of attending UTI and when I graduate I will not only be certified in many areas but will have yet another area in mechanics to add to my resume. The best choice I made for myself and family was to continue my education for financial stability and to be honest its what I love to do! I want to be the best at what I do and there is no way I could do that without attending this school.


My college experience was very different than most freshmen. For the first time in their life, freshmen feel free from the restraints of their parents, and they can do whatever they like. Well, I was a single parent as a freshman and could not do whatever I wanted. My daughter was just a baby when I started attending FIT. I have to admit that it was stressful at first. As the years went by, I started to feel more confident about myself and my situation being the only parent in all of my classes. I was able to bring my daughter to school when my mother could not babysit. The professors did not mind. She was almost 4 when I graduated and everyone knew her. She became the youngest college student on camput! The students as well as the staff helped me gain my own independence and I became more mature. I went out of my way to meet new people and join clubs. I enjoyed experimenting and experiencing new things. I also made mistakes. It was ok to make mistakes as long as I learned from them. Overall my experience was memorable.


Not only have I learned many necessary skills for the field I plan to enter upon graduation, but I have also learned that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. I know many students are able to find entry-level jobs with just the Associates degree from this school, and for those like myself, the Bachelor’s degree will provide a more specialized skill set. I never thought I had the strength it has taken for me to complete my Associates degree, as the workload is far more intense then I imagined it would be and on top of that I had a three-hour commute to campus.The professors do not accept anything but the best from the students, which pushed me to do my best work. My experience at the Fashion Institute of Technology is far more valuable then the degree itself – I have learned that I am good at things I never thought I could do (like science and math), that my best is better than good enough and that I have made the right decision to pursue my passion in life.


I learned how to communicate more professionally and accurately to client or among the group


Make the most of your time. Ask questions, don't keep quiet out of fear of sounding stupid. Everyone is there to learn if you don't ask your questions you're limiting your knowledge and not making the most of the resources you are paying thousands of dollars for. Secondly, don't rush through college. You may feel that you have to complete your degree in 4 years, but that is simply not true. Take the time to absorb as much information as possible and decide where you want to direct your career. Take advantage of the career planning services offered by your school. Take career indicator tests like the myers briggs or something similiar to help you figure out what you're good at. Do internships. You don't have to wait until your senior year and you don't have to apply for ones directly related to your major. This is your chance to expose yourself to any and everything. Don't limit yourself


I would tell myself to study hard. Don't listen to people when they tell you that its gonna be horrible. its there personal experience. Make it your own so you have something good to tell other young students if they ask you about college life. it's not as bad as they say.


Don't sweat the details: in high school most students are lost in a sea of details; self image, whos dating who, which trigonometry pages you have to study, finishing a portfolio,etc, etc. In college theres simply too many details to handle and it is very easy to become overwhelmed, especially when entering an industy as a young proffesional. Prioritizing is essential in school and life, and if you do it right work can become play. Take time to think about whats really important to you, find meaning in everything you do. Never do a project just for a grade; find a way to add your personal meaning to it, and have fun doing it. Be genuinely interested in your classes and career. This will increase your focus and enjoyment in what your doing. Once you have a fundamental direction and interest; the details will come naturally, this leads to a better quality of work and life.




I would deeply consider the dream I am pursuing as well as the career I would be involving in. I would also consider many alternatives. I may not even apply for this school I currently study in because I think there are other better school that would help my future and I would think deeply , then decide which school would best fit me.


Knowing what I know now, the main piece of advice I would give myself is, "Be true to yourself and do not pass judgment on others." In high school, there are pressures of conforming to the ideal "cool kid", but in college everyone comes together. People that you may not have been friends with in high school will become your best friends here, and I think that if I were prepared for that I would have had a much better start to college life. When I started school, I associated myself with people who I thought I wanted to be friends with, and it turned out that I was not heading down a good path with my new "friends". I wound up meeting people who were somewhat different on the outside yet identical on the inside. These people are friends that I know I will be friends with for the rest of my life. I can be myself, which is such a relief, and have learned things about myself that I never knew. I wish I knew then what I know now. I am grateful for the experiences and for finding people who have changed my life for the best.


I would advise to dorm here. The workload is a huge undertaking. Prepare yourself by studying in high school. I did not do this. When I entered college, I did not know how to study. Time management is essential. Balance your social life and your education. It is easy to push things aside for a good time. Push the envelope and listen carefully. There is so much to learn here. Try different things. Have an open mind. Take full advantage of the social and activity groups. Networking is key, whereas no man is an island. In this day and age, it does matter who you know, so take full advantage of it. Take advantage of the job opportunities and keep in touch with alumni. Give back. There is so much one can benefit from ones experiences.


If i could go back in time and talk to my self in highschool as a senior. i would convince myself not to procrastinate. if i didnt procrastinate, i would have filled out more scholarship forms, my grade would have been even higher. Also if i took more time into studing for my S.A.T. , i would have been in better shape for college.