Felician University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


After searching for a New Jersey College that specifies in nursing, I chose Felician College because of it's range of ethical diversity, religious studies and small class ratios. Felician started as an all-girl, catholic, undergraduate instituition and is now live on campus / co-ed. Felician's school motto is "students come first". The counselors and nuns will try their very best to encourage and instruct the students to meet their highest standards. I believe the core classes needed to graduate teach students the necessary moral and ethical values which are keys to making the right decisions in life.


My school is best known for its well-educated upcoming nurses. The reason for this is for the strictness of having a high GPA in order to remain in the nursing program. The nursing professors are very helpful and mindful of everyone which makes every student want to learn alot more.