Ferris State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Ferris State University?


I don't really brag, but when it may come up in conversation, I enjoy talking about my family, friends, and pets back home. For the most part, i rather listen to my friedns than talk about myself.


Attending a smaller art school, your professors are very hands-on. While we arent sitting in class with our noses in slideshows, we are putting our hearts and dedication into our art. Kendall is a very personal school and makes sure that each indiviual student succeeds what they are trying to persue. I would suggest going to Kendall to any individual whom plans on being in an art feild of study. Whether that be metals and jewelry, photography, painting, drawing, industrial design, ect. Kendall is amazing.


i brag about how strong our illustration department is. At kendall the two biggest departments we have are Graphic Design and Illustration. and I tell them Despite how poor the quality of our floor we still manage to blow other schools out of the water in terms of the quality of our work. the one redeeming quality of my time at kendall has been that i know that i am still getting the best eduacation in my feild of study at the most affordable price.


When telling my friends about Ferris State University I tend to brag about how wonderful all of the people are there and how great the staff is.


I brag about their involvement in the art program. The professors are very hands on and knowlegeable in their fields. They have a big part in artprize, which is one of the top art competitions in the world. They are a venue for artprize and many students are involved in art pieces through school and their individual work. I also brag that Kendall, which is a part of Ferris State University is in central Downtown Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids is a city that is very focused on local art and has an appreciation for culture and the arts.


When talking to my friends about school, I tend to talk about my study habits. I tell them about the ways I sacrifice who i am now for who i want to be later in life. This means that i have to distant myself from some social situations in order to maximize my chances to do well in school and get good grades so that in the future i will be able to get put in my career objectives. I exclaim to them that this is the best way to get yourself going in the right direction.


I don't really brag about my school. Most people hardly know what I am talking about if I talk about my program and I am usually in just one building all year long.


The fact that it is a small school and the people are amazing; you truly do meet your best friends in college.


I would say that I brag about my professors, given all of the stories that I have heard from each of them describing their work lives and what we may encounter. They have such passion over the field that they would either encourage someone to stay on that career path or to evaluate if it was the right field for someone. I enjoyed the communication aspect as well on campus. Everyone is really nice and helpful, it may take time to adjust for new comers, but once that happens it can be a nice environment to live in.


We have a lot to do in the summer at Ferris.