Ferris State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Ferris State University know before they start?


If I could go back to talk to my high school senior self, I would start off by telling her that the "future you" is the confident, successful young woman she always wanted to be. I would tell her to believe in herself, take chances, and never compromise who she is for anyone. I would tell her that freshman year will be tough not only for her but for the parents and family she's leaving behind at home, so call them every once in a while and let them know you're okay. I would tell her to seek help when she needs it; ask questions and be assertive. I would tell her that even though she hates it, that small town she's known forever will always be home, and she'll actually miss it. I would let her know that the world is full of people, good and bad, so always trust her intuition and never let anyone take advantage of her. Finally, I would tell her not to sweat the small stuff and enjoy college for as long as she can, because it flies by just as fast as high school does.


I would have told my past self to forget every thing when entering college, be a blank canvas because alot of what i learned about my field in high school is not applicable. I would say that life gets better, and there is alot to look foward to, so dont worry about what people think. The people you were with before transfering high schools wont matter, and they only held me back. Dont let thier influence keep its hold, and let go. the people your with now are the one who matter and will stick with you until you decide not to be with them. Accademically, high school doesnt matter, what you learn in college is whats going to matter because in reality, school before college doesnt give you the type of responibity you'll actually use, or the knowlege that every day life will affect. Finally, I would tell myself not to give into what society thinks i need to be, and to stop trying to be like the rest of my family, remeber everyones different, and trying to be someone I'm not will only hold me back.


If I could go back in time I would give myself advice about studying more and be more organized. You need to plan everything out and write everything down for your classes. One other thing would be get out and socialize with people more when you first start college to make more friends. College friends will be your friends for the rest of your life.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to stop worrying about if everyone is going to like me and to focus on liking myself. Being in college now, I have definitely found myself and learned who I want to be and that I won't be able to please everyone. Not everyone is going to like you and that is something I wish I knew going into college. I would have told myself to stop buying certain clothes and make up because its the "cool thing" to do and I would have told myself to just focus on being me. No one can make you happy with yourself, only you can and I wish I knew that.


Looking back, I wish that I had known that I was not the only person who didn’t have any friends coming with them to college. It seemed so scary, and I felt like I would be all alone. This however was not the case, and many people there were in the same boat. As long as one is open to talking to others and willing to make friends, he or she will soon have a group of close friends that he or she can rely on and spend time with. The friends will become a strong support group at college, and one will never again have to worry about feeling alone while at college.


If I were to go back in time, I would tell myself as a high school senior that I don't need to worry so much about the transition. It was hard at first to be away from my family, but as I adjusted and started my classes, which I love, and things got so much easier. I needed to get out of my shell and explore a new place that I had never been before. I needed to take that step in order to grow. As a child and going into adulthood, I was fairly sheltered and this opportunity to go to a school that I had never been before, doing something I have so much passion for, an hour and a half from home, is the greatest experience of my life. I would reassure myself that in the end, this is what I needed to become who I am today.


If I could go back in time I would tell my high school self not to stress out, that my life would both completely change and not at all. I would tell myself that I should not stress about all the high school drama, because my life in college would be exponentially greater, and I would find myself surrounded by people just like me. I would tell myself to keep true to who I am because people will respect me and support me as an indivual. Above all else I would tell myself to buckle up because the creative journey I was about to ride would be beyond compare. As a student in the art feild it is often easy to break under the pressure of competing artists and those more stilled that myself. But here I will find that this environment will push my work to become something greater that ever imagined.


1. Don't give up. There are times where things will get hard, but you will thrive. 2. Worry less. Stop comparing your self to other people. 3. Have fun! Take advantage of on campus activates to meet new people. Experience college! 4. Go for every opportunity you can!


Most high school seniors gets the thrill and ambition to move on with their careers and attend college. A lot of the thrill can completely block out the students ability to really plan. My family lives a very independant lifestyle; you do things on your own. Knowing that I would be paying for everything myself including food, tuition, rent, etc., I thought that I had it all figured out. I moved to grand rapids and reality soon hit me. If I could go back in time as a high school senior and give myself advice, I would tell myself to slow down and really plan things out more. Money is such a need in today's society and many dont really realize it. One needs to make a budget and really plan out the future of their payments. Slow down, enjoy life, and be responsible with your spendings.


When I was looking into college my senior year of high school I must admit that I was very scared. I was afraid I was not good enough for art school. I was afraid that I would grow apart from the ones I love, and I was afraid I would have no support. I would go back and tell my self to breathe, and that I would be among people just like me, people who have a passion for art just like me who will help me improve. I would slap some sense into myself and say "Your family loves you more than ever and you will never grow apart from you! They will end up missing you like crazy!". I would assure myself that I have a huge support network such as my teachers, proffesors, fellow artist, all my friends and family, and of course my own two legs so I can walk forward and support myself.