Fisher College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Definitely start college immediately after high school. I waited a couple of years before I started because I wanted to work and be an adult. As the years went by I got comfortable until I wanted to apply for other jobs and almost all required a college degree. I was lucky to land a job where my employer was willing to take a chance on me with little experience and no college degree. That is what prompted me get my degree. I should have already graduated college I do have a two year degree but at my age I should have been done. College life to me is fairly easy just be prepared to work hard so you can acheive high results. If you want to make more than minimum wage you definitely need a college degree


Kethura focus more on getting better grades so you can go to a four year college instead of a community college. I am here to tell you not to waste a lot of time in a community college because you think you can?t take a loan or you are not smart enough to get a scholarship. The government provides many loan options for students that want to attend college. Kethura Don?t be afraid to invest in your future, your life depends on it. There are many scholarships available, work harder so that you can be eligible to receive one. Don?t let anybody discourage you; just know that you can achieve a lot, more than you think you can. All you have to do is believe in yourself a little bit more and go for it. You will achieve great things. .


Think hard about what you really want, and more important, need in a college. Would you like to be in a city, how much does it matter if the college isn't in one? Does it matter to you if the college has a religious affiliation(most likely you will have to take at least one religion course, but this could also affect other aspects of your college life in ways that may be upsetting)? Do you want to have a single room as an option? Small college population or large? Vegetarian and/or vegan friendly? Politically active students?


I found a career choice in which I am passionate, through experiencing various choices by spending time in that role. First through being a junior mentor at a summer forensic camp, then shadowing an althletic director and teacher within a high school setting. Utilize the people around you, ask questions, and experience the career to the best of your ability. Once you make a career choice be sure you are passionate about it and excited to wake up everyday to another day. Once you know the focus of your career submerge yourself in it and do everything you can to learn and experience the field. Appreciate the individuals who assist you and always keep in touch with them, especially once you head to college. They will be valuable avenues of advice, experience, and opportunities. The most important advice, be true to who you are no matter what anyone says, character will get you far in life. Study hard, develop a routine to follow everyday this will assist you in completing deadlines. Don't focus so much on having a steady girl, at this time in your life girls are so much more enjoyable as friends, and less confusing.


Don't take that big of a break between high school and college.


Going back in time, I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships, and save more money. I would also encourage myself to be more outgoing and social. I missed out on a lot my senior year in High School by strictly focusing on school. As long as I cross all of my t's and dot all of my i's things will be okay. I would also tell myself to focus on what I love doing most. I always invisioned great paying jobs being very difficult, but I've realized you can have a great paying job and love what you do. Conclusively, I would tell myself to do what I love to do, and do it well. The rest will fall into place.


Find a College that fits you. If you enjoy being with your family, don't pick a college on the other side of the Country. Try to pick something you are already good at doing, we can excellerate with our strenghts more effectively than we can with something that may seem interesting. This will hopefully allow you to stay on track. If you switch majors, and switch schools then you have to find out if your credits transfer, and school may take longer than anticipated. If time isn't a concern though, have at it. Initially what matters is that you enjoy what your doing, and really enjoy where you are. So find the school that gives you that really good gut feeling.


The right advice would be for a student to sit in a class of the college they want to attend and see what a daily life in that school is realluy about . Do'nt just read a website or hear words from an attending student take action and go there to see for yourself.Find ways to manage your time if you ever feel like things are becoming too much. Never be afraid to plan ahead and write things down it helps with being overwhelmed ny the college experience.Never let yourself begin to slack because once you are there it;'s hard to come back. Sometimes all your friends need from you is someone to talk to, when you're in college most of the friends you make will last forever don't let small things get you. Make your parents proud of you by giving them thousands of reasons , and they will be proud whether they say it or not FOREVER!!!


I would advise students to visit the campuses of the schools they are considering multiple times. Visit once when classes are not in session in order to see the full facilities. Visit again when classes are in session on a weekday to observe typical students in their daily routine. I would also advise them to speak directly with alumni and current students, talk to campus security, read newspaper articles, and even "google" the school to see what you can find. Every college is trying to sell themselves to prospective students., so you need to get your information from multiple sources. The bottom line is to do your homework before and after you are accepted to college.


College is expensive. Plan as much in advance as possible.


I would tell them to look at everything the school has to offer. Make sure its exactly what you would want. There are thousands of colleges out there, one of them will have what you want. Never settle for less than what you deserve. The right school is out there. If they don't like the school they will not succeed , because the motivation isn't there.