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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


These stereotypes are not accurate. The history of Fisk reveals that mostly students from wealthy families attended Fisk in the past. This is simply because most of the black students that could afford a post-secondary education back in the 1800s were the mulatto sons and daughters of wealthy slave owners. This image simply stuck in the Nashville community. Also, many of the Fisk alumni are very successful in their various fields, leaving the impression that Fiskites excel in everything they do. Because Fisk is a gated campus that sits on a hill and overlooks the rest of Nashville, you can imagine why there may be a feeling that Fiskites are separated from the rest of the community.


almost accurate, a lgood portion of the student body does come from good family but don't we all, and yes at times Fiskites can be well stuck up.


yes, all of these sterotypes are true. This is utterly the most lame place Ive ever been to in my whole entire life, the girls outnumber the boys approximately 7:1 and out of those males ony about 7% are heterosexual, this school is based on academics besides class there is nothing to do, the fisk lady is classy but most of them lack personality and not as attractive as u would imagine


Generally, this is not true. However, there are some Fiskites who like to fall into that stereotype.