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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The college experience is frequently called the best time of your life. The freedom of living away from home, the plethora of people you meet, and the seemingly endless activities make a noteworthy experience. I honestly feel like the meories I have made so far will be the best of my life. That is not to say that all days are so remarkable. It's exciting living away from home, yet it's hard when excitement is exchanged for homesickness. It's eye opening to meet different people, yet it's ostracizing when you're no longer surrounded by people like you. It's adventurous to explore the various activities the university offers, but it's no fun when sadness is weighing so heavy on your heart that you can't get out of bed to attend the functions. As macabre as this sounds, this is what I would tell my high school self. There are ups AND downs. The problem is that people don't like to talk about their hardships. However, knowing about the emotional struggle that comes hand in hand with college would help others realize they are not alone in experiencing it.


Thinking about what I'll tell my high school self is like watching a horror film. Not in the sense of being chased by a serial killer but in the sense of making poor decisions. I'm screaming at the television, "Don't do it!!!! Don't go down the dark path," but it does not matter because the dark path is what's chosen. If only I could jump into the screen and shake myself, I would. I'd tell myself that going down this path means getting married at 19 and moving to Tennessee to attend college while my husband remains in Maryland. I'd explain that this would'nt be the wisest decision because that would lead to unnecessary stress. I'd tell myself once you get married, you'll get nostalgia and fly home during examinations causing you to fail your classes. Once you fail your classes, you'll lose your scholarships because you did not maintain the required GPA. You'd then have to get loans to help fund your education and, not to mention, successfully retake those classes to graduate. If only I could travel back in time to be debt free, I would.


Many college students embark on the college life to advance their education, but also to get away from home. While in colllege you experience all sorts of things, and learn who you really are. If I had the opportunity to do things differently before embarking on my college experience, I would advise my high school self to challenge yourself, read more, and start applying for scholarships early. Challenging myself with more advance placement (AP) courses would have made me more prepared for the rigger of college. In high school the teacher taught me everything, on the other hand the professors in college expect you to read before coming to class. Reading more on my own no matter if it was a school book or a book I picked out for pleasure reading would have enticed my interest in reading before college. In high school I was the student who made A's in my courses without reading the text book. Applying for scholarships early would have at least payed for two years of my education. In conclusion, I advise individuals to challenge yourself, learn to love reading, and start applying for scholarships as early as a freshman in high school.


Similar to many high school seniors, I anxiously waited for the day where I would walk across that stage and could embark on freedom. With college being my next chapter, there were somethings that I wish I would have known about. There are three words when it comes to academics of college, organize, prioritze, and utilize. As a college student I've learned that I have to be organized for rigourous classes and to make studying a main priority because there is so much free time that shouldn't be wasted by just being a socialite. Also too, utilize your resources such as forming study groups or attending tutorials. Many say that the goal of college is to major in something relative to your career goals, however many people are still unsure about what they want to do. There is nothing wrong with going into college with an undeclared major, youll find what makes you happy. Self discovery is by far the most rewarding part about attending college. As children and even teens, we are told what to do and enstiled with morals and values. But as college students, our new freedom allows us to discover indivdualism and our purpose .


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self, I would tell myself to not give up, to work hard and to just be prepared for change to come. Nothing turns out as planned but everything does happen for better and not for worse. I would reassure myself of my knowledge my drive and my strength in order to make it through my senior year. Also encouraging myself to research all schools that I apply to as well as the campus life so that I would not be thrown into a place that I do not know much about. I would tell myself to keep that vision of success in mind and just know what it takes to get there, hard work, sweat, tears, stress and more, but at the end of the day my relentless actions will lead to a beautiful success.


I was very depressed during my senior year because my grades slipped the year before and my family expected me to matriculate at a prestigious institution, such as Harvard or Duke University. With the weight of AP courses, college applications, and extra-curricular activities, I bemoaned graduating and college life before I received my decision letters! I lacked confidence because, on top of that weight, I lost so many friends in four years--people I thought would never leave me--and I was extremely unpopular. I needed someone, but my ego discouraged me from asking for help. So, reflecting on my freshman year of college, I would advise myself to remember my worth and understand that my situation would not last. I was funny, smart, bright, and I did gain acceptance into some prestigious colleges with great scholarships... but neither asking for help or attending a "name-brand" college would define my worth. I alone did. And I could always make new friends and new memories in college. Now, I barely even think about my old screw-ups because I've accomplished and learned so much! I would remind myself to keep my head up and believe in myself.




If I, in my second year of college, could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would first tell myself that college will not a walk in the park, especially going into any University as a biology major. I would remind myself that I am going to college for one reason and one reason only, to get a degree. Does that mean that I can not enjoy college and have fun outside of the classroom, no, but school work comes first. Third, I would tell myself to SAVE, SAVE, SAVE money!!! I think this is the most broke I have ever been in my short life. Going from working all the time in high school to sometimes when my heavy school load allows me is most definately a transition. But lastly, I would tell myself to cherish the poeple that were and that will still in your life before I go off to college. Real friends are hard to come by and a supportive family isn't everywhere and I love both parties for being that for me. I would have told them that a hundred times more if I could.


I would tell myself to study more so that I would qualify for scholarships. I would tell myself to volunteer because then I would have the value of helping the less fortunate and actually appreciate what I have. I would save my money because in college you really are broke. I would tell myself to join more clubs because I didn't and I missed out on having really good friendships. I would tell myself to buy more clothes because washing clothes once a week is costly. I would plan to spend more time with my family because I miss them so much now.


With the prospect of transferring out of community college presently looming over my thoughts and with the idea of addressing my high school self in mind, I’ve come to realize a sagacious truth. The one word of wisdom I would relay through the fabric of time back to myself during the awkward years of high school would be that the places I go do not define me, but rather, it is the opposite. Truly, education and life speak truth to this maxim; experience is not as important as what we bring to it. Do not look for an outside experience to create you, but rather find yourself, and you will discover that no matter where you go, you will make the best of it, because you have discovered yourself. Do not listen to those who scoff at your bliss; the life you live is yours alone. Heed your own soul, for it is the only one at risk when you pursue your dreams; too many people expect the party to make them great, when its people who make life spectacular.


THe advice that I would give myself is freshman is the year that you have the most fun but is almost the year that can and will make you or break you. During freshamn year you can party hard but study harder. Your gpa is everything and the higher the better. Get involved in the communtiy and volunteer at places that deals with your career field. Volunteer at the hospital and volunteer at the clinic so you can have experience in your field. I also will advise myself to branch out and get to knnow other on people on other college campuses.


If I was a senior in high school this is the advice I would give myself, I have Acknowledge my responsibility to seeking God's guidance in his purpose and plans. I must schedule and plan time for God. I will plan my time better toward class and studying to Organize my life to rely upon the power and wisdom of my trust in God to teach me what to do or say. I must lay aside things that would derail or detour me from God in everyday or night. Please God review my time to fix my heart and clean up the thing that cause shame to you and me. I ask myself these three question everyday: What are my Goals in life? What are my Dreams in life? What are my purposes in life? These question i ask you God to fill the desire of my heart for your will and demand my best to make it reality. Surround me with encouraging people who wants the best for my life. Thank you Lord for teaching me self-control and to keep believing in your will to reaching my Dreams and Goals.


Take the initiative and DO NOT procrastinate. Procrastination has been the largest problem you have encountered as a college student so far, and it is something you absolutely have the ability to control. Break the habit now, before it becomes a habit that you will have to deal with as a college student with far more riding on each individual assignment. Also, get off your duff and go do some community service. Not only will it build character and make you a better person, blah, blah, blah, but lacking community service time cost me a major scholarship. DO NOT be lazy, and go out and get things done!


Well if I could go back I would sit myself down and say I know you do not want to hear this but ,shut up and listen anyway. You will be glad you are out of here and you will have jobs that you do enjoy ,but when you least expect it that little bundle of joy is going to pop into your life after being told you can,t ever have her and when you put her in your arms it will make you make you realize that okay I should have made the choice to go to college .Trust me this will happen to you and no you can not change it unless you go on to further your education ,so when this little blessing arrives you can say to her I go my head on straight I have job security .Let us all take the rest of this journey together your mommy and daddy love you with all thier heart.


If the opportunity presented itself, I would go back and tell my high school self not to wait until the last minute to get anything done. I am not referring to homework or course work when I make this statement, but paperwork in general. For example, on move in day while everyone else was busy getting situated I was a few hours behind becase I had to wait to be financially cleared. College Kiosh'a would tell high school Kiosh'a to make sure everything is in order and taken care of before you leave home, so that way, nothing can interfere with the progress you are trying to make.


I would investigate more assistance to help me with the financial burdens that arise when attending college.


If I could go back to my senior year of high school, I would advise myself to choose a school that provides positive, on campus living. I would also tell myself to relax and just let things happen, because no matter what, I’ll make the best of the situation.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that one should be a gregarious person because there are many different ethnic groups and and cultural differences. Being shy will only hinder opportunites and college experiences. I would also tell myself that knowing what college you want to attend is strongly encouraged because college is where you will spend four or more years of your life and you want it to be one of the most memoriable years of your life.


As a freshman in college looking back at myself as a senior in high school, I would say I have made some fair but costly decisions. If I could go back this is what my advice woule be: "You need to take your future more seriously, then you have in the pass. Life is not a game. Life would chew you up and spit you out alive, only if you allow it to. College it not cheap, so make sure every dollar that's spent on your education is worth every penny. Take every opportunity that given to you, and perform beyond your best. Always think outside the box and explore what's out of the normal to you. It is a total different world from where you come from. College is nothing like high school, nobody is going to hold your hand and walk with you. You have to make things happen for yourself, and this is called responsibility. Time waits for no one, so make sure you value your time, and alway keep yourself proactive and staying involve. You are the only one who holds the key to your future, make sure you use it!"


I have often thought about if I could go back in time and what I would do differently. The best advice I could give myself knowing what I know now would be GO FOR IT!!!!! Do all that you can, do not be afraid of what people think, take all the chances, run for office, join the drama club, try out for cheerleading, and most importantly do not procrastinate!!!! All the things that you fear and that hold you back in high school are obsolete they do not matter as you get older; what does matter are the things that you accomplish and the risks that you take to get there. Life really is too short to waste time on trivial things. Be the leader and stand out from the crowd be willing to take life and all its opportunities head on and never look back!!! Put yourself in the situation where you have NO REGRET. Never have to look back and say “I wish I had done that." Just do it.


Hello Morgan this is your future you. It would behoove you to never loose your passion for you art work and continue to perserver even when you feel as though nothing will come of it. Try your best no matter what. If it isn't your best then there is no sense of showcasing anything. Most importantly who are you not to be great and doing less than what you have the ability to do doesnt do you any favors. You are a child of God and that's all the more reason for you to be amazing. It is all the more reason to be extraordinary. If you have not learned yet attending a university and or college is not just to better your future. You attend school and become an inspiration to those who did not go, your parents, grandparents and cousins. You become an inspiration to those whom you meet in crossing. Attending college is not just about Morgan it is about the people who depend on her to succeed. I now realize that you have not lost your passion though are afraid of what it is that you are capable of? Why fear? Dont be afraid.


Prepare a lot more for college. Fill out every college scholarship possible. You definitely do not want to end up having to pay loans back. When you get to college, make a schedule to balance your school and social life because if you you procrastinate, you will surely regret it. You do not want to wait until the night before to study for a test or a write a paper. When you cram, you only remember a small percentage of what you studied and your paper will not be at it's fullest potential. Really take the time out to study as much as you can and develop a system so that when it comes time for the test, you will not have to study as much. It would take a very big burden off of your shoulders. It is also possible to have more than one test or final in a day so make sure you are well prepared.


How to be independent has to be the greatest lesson learned from my college experience so far. Without parents, counselors, or friends to push you along, you are left responsible for your life and the way you live it. This newfound responsibility may be difficult to become accustomed to for some new students. However, if you take your education and classes seriously, the responsibility will not be an overwhelming factor in your college experience. Also, time management is a very important skill that I have learned during my college experience. The importance of prioritizing was not realized until I was pulling all nighters to finish papers and assignments. The efficient use of time management could have saved me from the numerous sleepless nights and eliminated the struggle to stay awake in class the next morning. Mastering the skill of time management, enabled me to finish assignemnts and still obtain much needed rest. College life allows you the opportunity to truly act and live as an adult. College is an experience that all students should take part in, even if only temporarily, because the preparation for the real world that college provides can be benefiting to all young adults.


Fisk is more than just an institution that allows students to feel “wanted”, it gives the student the rich history of their culture and heritage. It allows them to get that understanding of why they need to get a higher education in order to show others that anything is possible. Attending Fisk I have learned the importance of having Historically Black Colleges and Universities around. I have built a wonderful relationship with my teachers and advisor who wants to see me succeed further then the imaginable. To them I am more than just a number or some student that they are just going to pass without me putting in any effort. I also feel a friendly and loving connection from my peers and the other staff members. Everyone makes sure that their fellow students have a place to stay so they would not get kicked out of school, or even making sure their friends attend church when they are going through a very tough time. What Fisk University has shown me is that you can have a home away from home, a personal experience that you will continue to learn from, long lasting friendships and the strength to accomplish all.


I have learned that everyone comes from different places, have different customs, and also have different personalities. Although all the students are different we all have one thing in common, and that is education. I have gained the knowlege of different cultures my associating with people all over the universe. I believe that it is valuable to attend college to obtain the knowledge you need to go on in life with. Without a college education one cannot be equipped witht the tools they need to get a decent job.


I've left my home in Louisville, Ky and experienced life without parents and family support. It's very challenging, but it ultimately teaches you responsibility. I've made many decisions and handled situations alone so I could learn from them. I've gotten a lot wiser, more optimistic, more creative, more diverse from the different nationalities attending Fisk, and a lot of memories to take home with me when it's all over and done.


I have gained a wide stretching broad world view; my awareness now covers a much wider spectrum. My college experience has given me a keen peripheral vision, with the critical thinking and analytical skills to analyze and come to an understanding on what is going around me and why. In the process I have learned a lot about myself, likes and dislike and some weaknesses I possess. These weaknesses have been addressed and are decisively being weaved out of my character as I continue my matriculation through my undergraduate studies. I have gained a multitude of real world experiences; one of which being in one of the most pertinent research topics of the decade and in decades prior; radiation detection. These various experiences have taught me the importance of networking and people skills, as well as given me the curriculum to compete with some the best blooming scientific minds of my generation. I have also gotten intimately acquainted with the arts and well informed with current events, making me a well rounded individual. I feel that Fisk has given me a priceless experience that is preparing me to be leader in any field of interest I decide to embark upon.


So far what I've gotten out of the college experience is to push myself beyond what I thought my mind itself and in general could handle. Iv'e learned to work harder and smarter by using my mind to reach goals for myself which I have previously renderd impossible. In doing so I've found completing my short term and long term goals will ultimatley be a breeze compared to the two to four years Im attending college.


The most important thing that I have gotten out of my college experience is confidence in my academic abilities. Before I started college I was a below average student that did not believe I was smart enough to keep up with other college students. School has always been something that I did not feel good enough for, so while attending my first classes I decided to forget about my insecurities and do my best by giving one hundred percent. While over coming my fears of college I realized that I am more that capable to keep up with the other students and even do better than some. After realizing that I am fit to be a college student I made a goal for myself to get a 4.0 gpa during the spring semester and after a lot of hard work I was able to reach my goal. My over all experience with college has tough me that I am able to better myself and there is not limit of the greatness I can reach.


During my matriculation at Fisk University, I have obtain a new bond and thirst for knowledge in the diaspora of Black people. I also am being cultivated into a Leader with improvement in areas such as understanding diversity, working as a team, integrity, attitude, and many other traits. These traits ensures my future success as a graduate student from Fisk University.


When I started college, I had no real direction. Being able to take classes on a variety of subjects has broadened my mindset. I have discovered that my desire to understand the world around me has given a purpose to my life. College has been valuable to me because it allowed me to discover my love for science and gave me the tools i needed to turn my natural curiosity into a career path.


From my college experience I have learned the importance of time management and critical thinking. Fisk has been valuable for me to attend because it has provided me with a rich academic experience steeped in the liberal arts tradition. Fisk is committed to ethical leadership and engagement in local and global communities. In addition, I am able to increase my knowledge of intellectual and cognitive structures that contribute to the critical thinking process. Also, I am developing an understanding of the basic priciples of qualitative and quantitative research and the associated reasoning skills. Furthermore, I have increased my skills in applying critical thinking strategies to intellectual, personal and social challenges.


The biggest thing that I have gotten out of my college experience is that I am not as stupid as I thought I was. After graduating high school I did not see myself as a type of person that would be able to be successful in college, so I did not even consider going to college as an option for me. Thankfully, my best friend who was attending a university convinced me to give it a try and made me believe that it's possible for me. So here I am, I have completed all my pre-requisite classes for nursing program and currently am in my second year of nursing school with a GPA of 3.6. This college experience helped me to realize that I don't have to be super smart to go to college, all I need to do is put in time and effort into studying and learning and I will be successful. It has also helped me to believe in myself and encourage others to do so as well. Through my college experience I gained confidence and the ability to dream of becoming somebody.


I have gained alot out of my college experience. I value the fact that I am able to attend college because for many this dream never comes true. I have learned things in history that I never knew before. Being in college has taught me better time management skills. With a full plate of classes and extracurricular activites, it is important to learn to manage your time. I have learned to think critically through my Critical Thinking class. I also value the opportunity to come to college because I have met people who will be forever unforgettable in my life. Being able to learn things from older adults is a great value in itself. I have had the chance to talk to elder faculty and staff members . They have told me about their journeys and what they have witnessed while attending and working at Fisk. In college, I have had the opportunity to learn more about myself. I have grown to learn my strenghts and weaknesses in all areas and I am working to improve them with the help of the faculty members here at Fisk.


When you enter college, you end up learning more about yourself, whether it is positive or negative.


So far, I haven't gotten anything out of it. I start school as a first year student this year. But I hope to get a stellar education and the tools to prepare me for the future, both of which I know I will get at Fisk University.


My college experience has been with it's ups and downs, I was a tranfer student from Michigan moving to Nashville . In the beginning I was lonely wondering why I made such a big move, regretting it almost every morning. But within a couple of months I began to see the greater good in the "Fisk family". After I became involved in more activities my theatre professor would have for the class do I made new friends. Because our classes in the Dramatic, Speech, and Dance Department were so small we became a family of our own. A group of theatre and communication geeks. As I roll into my second year at Fisk University I reflect on the good times I had with my classmates with only ten students in the whole department and come to realization that class size matters. The one on one time I received from professors, the "team" mentality my classmates and I had when working. So when it's time for me to graduate in December, I will remember the "togetherness" of the little department standing on the corner right outside the school's gate. The Dramatics,Speech, and Dance Department. Underdogs of Fisk University


If I could go back in time to my senior year in high school and give myself advice, things would be different now. My scholarship search would begin the summer before my senior year. Beginning in September I would visit my top five colleges and spend the night on campus if possible. The next move would be to keep my GPA up and retake the ACT until I had the highest score possible. By December all college application and applications fees. During the last semester my concentration is on keeping good grades and staying in contact with my college(s) of choice.


I would tell myself that college is not an easy road. Its very difficult and its better to start now to prepare yourself for college and not be a slacker. Try your hardest to get the best grades that you possibly can in order to get the best education that you possibly can. Be very careful. College is a lot harder than high school and you're gonna have to do the best you can to get your money's worth for your education because college isn't free and it costs a lot of money. College is also a lot of hard work but it'll be worth it if you put all you have into college because once you finish you will have a career and will be very successful. Trust me you wont regret it.


Apply for as many scholarships as possible for which you qualify. Any amount you get- whether it be $500 or $5000 you will continue to appreciate it when you go to pay for books and supplies. Continue to work just as hard as you did during your initial three years of high school to get good grades so that you may continue qualify for more scholarships after you graduate and your final transcripts get sent to your college. Stay in touch with those who are important to you and continue to do what makes you happy. Stay involved- play sports, do other extracurricular activities, intramural sports, volunteer- so that you can enjoy your senior year and college years! Most importantly be yourself, make friends and enjoy your time because your life is just beginning! Have fun!


Throughout my years of high school, I was never properly informed about the importance of scholarships and scholarship searching. I had understood that some of the students of my high school had applied for them, however, I had not understood why. I was also aware of the Minority Scholarship, however, many of my schools that I was applying to at the time were Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Moreover, by being an African American student enrolled in a Historically Black University, the Minority Scholarship would not apply to me. Yet if I were to have known that there were scholarships for students of different interests such as Business, which is my major, then I would have applied for those scholarships in high school. Furthermore, now that I am in college, I understand now that scholarships are incredibly vital, especially if someone does not qualify for financial aid. If I could travel back in time and redo my senior year of high school, I would definitely tell myself to make more time to apply for more scholarships.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice for the college life, I would tell myself to just be prepared to work hard and stay focused. I would tell myself to be sure to plan out time wisely for studying, doing homework, and that it is okay to take breaks and not overwork myself. I would advise myself not to procrastinate on certain things, such as on papers and research. I would tell myself to stay confident and do not stress over anything, and most importantly just have faith in God that He will see you through anything, no matter the situation.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would stress the importance of doing school work while maintaining an active social life. I would do more scholarships so that I could decrease the amount of loans that I had to take and make sure I had a good grasp of who I am before coming to college. I would make sure that I enjoyed this time in my life; it is truly a transition period one that I was not fully prepared for. I now realize that leaving high school I was still just a child and did not really have responsibilities other than getting good grades. This is really the only time in my life where I?m on my own but I don?t have to work to support myself; meals, shelter, everything is provided while being able to learn and prepare for my future. I would make sure that I get everything out of this experience that I could. I wouldn?t limit myself. I would do everything that I could, and partake in the organizations that I want and just enjoy this transition period.


Stay true to yourself. Realize that what you have in you that pushes you everyday to do more than what is expected will take you farther in life than you could've ever imagined. Stay focused on what you've always wanted to do because your hard work will get you there. Don't get discouraged because people look at you as unworthy because you weren't able to afford the nicest car because in the end you'll realize you're luckier than they'll ever be because of the love that surrounds you everyday. ALWAYS remember where you come from and NEVER be ashamed of it. Pray and ask God for understanding when friends and other students squander away the many opportunities that are afforded to them everyday. Don't freak out because you were accepted to med school early. Take it as a sign from God that he has big plans for you. Look back to what you have at home when you get sad and remember the love that got you where you are today.


Go where your heart takes you. You want to choose a college that first offers your field of interest and then you want to look at what extracurricular activities it offers. Look also at the rate of graduates that obtain jobs after or enter into an institution of even higher learning. I would also look at the financial aspect. Students should also consider visiting the campus so that they will be able to see first hand what it would be like to attend the school. The school I am attending now, the students, faculty and staff all made me feel at home, and going to school thousands of miles away that was a plus. Look for a school that will embrace your education, and will take the time to get to know you on a personal level.


The advice I would ive to parents is to allow the student to choose the college or university that the student believes is the best fit for them. They will have to endure the activities and responsibilities of the college or university not you( parent). I would say help the student identify the reasoning behind choosing each school and the benefits that it will have on their future career endeavors. For the students, I would suggest going somewhere for yourself and not for anyone else or to be with firends. College is a place to grow. This is a place where you intend to receive higher learning for your future success and the environment needs to comfortable and will benefit you. Take advantage of all Financial Aid, try to avoid loans!! Ask questions about the school, talk with the students that are still attending and those that have graduated. During college, have fun, but know that academics should always come first! Socialize with people who have similar interests and are there to uplift you. Become involved with your school and the community. Gain experience for your future career. Find a mentor in your field. Hope these words of encouragement help!!


When looking for the right college students should first look to see if their major is offered. Then they should consider the location of the school, and if they have the opportunity visit the school. I know I visited my university before I attended and I was able to stay on campus and interact with future students and the current students. It was a great experience because it gave me a chance to live and experience the university hands on. Also look at the programs offered I know I choose my university because their biology department was good and they had a bridge program with the local medical school. I chose my school for the program and for the fact that it felt like home.


Consider all the options and think long term not short term. In the end this is what you have to leave with. Make a wise and thought out decesion.


Visit before you decide. Ask ALL the questions you can. Make sure it is where YOU (the student) want to go and do NOT let anyone choose your college for you or you won't have a very good time.


The advice I would give is to first figure out what you love to do and that you would love to do everyday,not work.I feel when a person works it's because they have to but if they are doing something they love it's having fun. Once you find out what you love or narrowed it down to three occupations then find a school that has those majors just in case you change your mind. Once you arrive at school mingle and get to know people especially students in your class because at the end of the day they'll be all you have to come to. Don't forget to call your parents every week to keep in touch with them and your relationship will grow stronger with them. Get involved with campus activities but do not forget why you are there it is alright to stop doing an activity to get your grades back up. Just have fun and get to know your teachers especially your major professors because nine out of ten you are going to need a recommendation from them when it's time to apply to internships or graduate school.