Fisk University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I take great pride in being a Fiskite, yet there are aspects about my school that can be frustrating. At the age of 148 years old, Fisk has managed to sustain some of its tradional values, however as time evloves, there needs to be a medium that can emerge together the traditional values of the elders and modern ideals of students . Fisk University takes pride in being a private university, however by not recienvng those additonl funds from the goverment that could otherwise renovate certain aspects of our school, as Fisk strives to secure most students with scholarships.


I belive that the most frustating thing about my school is the lack of communication within the different departments. Every school year we as students have an issue with getting cleared because this department did not send over this information or they were not aware of what someone else said. For example the business office and finacial aid department. If a student has a scholarship that they recieved the finacial aid office will take forever to send the information to the business office and it is left up to the student to run around to get things straight.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the distance between there and my home. While attending college in Nashvile, Tennessee, I rarely have enough time or money to go home to Baltimore, Maryland as I would like. I understand that I can not go home for every holiday or break which is frustrating for me.


The lack of campus life is the most frustrating thing about Fisk University.


Sometime the sociall life is not all that great.


sports, size, activities, dorms


Paying for school. It's better to already have a payment strategy before starting here like applying for loans, grants, and scholarships.


If I had to say anything, it would be out financial struggle, which trickles down into our facilities, our equipment, and so forth.


The most frustrating is the lack of financial aid available such as Perkins Loans


Getting Financially clear