Five Towns College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Sometimes you can run into at least one unorthodoxed person , but the staff is very up to date on things. The problem you face is usually handled rapidly


The simple fact that it is highly expensive .


New teachers every semester.


Not enough activities and not convenient enough.


To be completely honest I haven't found anything frustrating about my school. However I could be bias because this was the school of my dreams and I could just be oblivios of anything "frustrating" but from me visiting there school several times throughout the summer to get ready for the fall school year which will be my first year, everyone in all of the offices have welcomed me and helped me a lot especially students. So if i had to say the most frustrating thing it would be that everyone is really nice which is surreal for me.


It is dead here on weekends , unless a party is being thrown . Or it's a snow storm . However, I find it to be peaceful , a time where I can relax from the week that I just encountered. Also the shuttle doesn't take residents to the bank , but it takes you to other unimportant places. The Area Directors of the campus is a joke , and are very unprofessional . Whenever there is a break such as thanksgiving or spring break you must leave campus . The resident assistants don't receive much for their hardwork .