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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would advise my self to seek more interaction with study groups and professors. I would also tell my self to sign up for courses that are smaller in size as opposed to large classrooms. This allows for a more intense and involved educational experience and it definitely offers more time to explain any questions/concerns for the student.


My only advise to myself, as an 18 year old girl would be regarding finances and time. I am extremely pleased with my career choice and education, but unfortunately I was lacking in adequate financial advice when choosing this path. Because my chosen profession took me the route of private college as opposed to state universities I had to forfeit certain scholarships that would have been of benefit to me. This led me to take out student loans to put myself through college and achieve my goal on the time line that I had set for myself. I completed my master's degree 5 years after graduating high school, as I had intended to, but I see now that it would have been ok to take a little bit more time getting my degree if it had meant relying less on mountains of student loans. The debt I have accrued is very limiting as a college graduate in this economy, and now I am faced with the task of paying it all off and being successful in a career that I love, with out becoming overwhelmed or driven exclusively by monetary goals.