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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


To adjust my schedule around when I'am most productive and creative. Most people told me to do my work first thing after class, but for me I'am nocturnal and do my best work at night. Sometimes I'm most productive the hour before my assignment is due. Overall my advice would be to myself, is that i don't need to listen to others when they tell me to be more organized or plan better, because different things work for diffrent people.


The advice I would of give myself was to make all A's. The reason you need to make all A's is because college is very expensive. In addition you need to save all your money. College is not an easy transition so also you would have to practice to make sure you get high SAT scores. You also need to apply to alot of scholarships because every penny helps. You need to go to different organizations asking for sponsors. Never give up on your dream because it can become a reality.




Breathe, a word that I often constantly remind my inner self as college work piles up, and the desire to be better follows me around like a shadow. "Remember that things will work out for the best" would be a phrase that I would whisper in my high school senior self's ear as she cried, and swore that she would not be able to attend any school. She's exhausted every financial aid website, and stares hopelessly at her GPA created by years of not caring. What she doesn't know was that although she waited to the final years of High School to become conscious of her grades she would find a home in a college. She wouldn't know that attending a Community College allowed her parents to save money, and afford to send her the next year to her dream school in Florida, where she will finally feel unburdened by the stress of being on the outside looking in. Terrified of the new, she will make friends, and love the independence that an out of state college would give her. "Why are you so scared? This is a magical time."


Dear High School me, After being in college for a few years, the best advice I can possibly give you is to take as many college credit classes as possible. Furthermore, decide what you want to major in by 10th grade so that you choose your courses and electives accordingly. Moreover, continue playing sports instead of working so that you can pursue a scholarship and maintain a strong gpa throughout high school. Ultimately, don't worry about pressures of high schools because the reality is that the pressures and the stresses are just beginning but mentally prepare yourself by studying more than is required. But don't forget to enjoy the spirit of being in high school because once it's gone you'll miss it. In short, work hard and be ambitious about what you want to achieve, seek help when it's necessary, enjoy the short time in high school, and participate in school events so when you leave you will have the memories of having done those things and your presence and legacy will continue to thrive and influence students you leave behind.


I f I cloud go back in time and know what I know now. As a high school senior I would tell myself get more involved as well as to be way more focus than what I was. The better grades you gain, the more awards you are able to gain for funding for school. These funds leave you less stress as an adult when you’re trying to think of way to buy books for college and make a living (if you’re on your own). The foremost objective in high school is to just stay focus and strive for the best. As a senior you want to be active get out and meet people have fun because you never know who you will meet and what great opportunities are available.


Hi , it may sound weird but you have to pay attention to what I have to say to you right now. Take my words to heart and follow them. You may be wondering this guy looks awfully familiar he even kind of sounds like me. Truth be told, I am you but in the future. I have come all these years in the past to warn and advice you from the future. I lead a good life nowadays, but if you listen and do what I tell you, you will live a great life. You will be able to travel to any place you want; do all the things you want to do; play sports professionally; or have a really good career. Study hard not just to pass but to be the best, be wise. Play hard, you are talented, play with heart, if you dream of being a professional athlete you will be one. Dedicate yourself to it, discipline yourself in whatever task or dream you have and you shall have it, whether it’s in sports or any career you choose. This is my advice Ingo: Focus, discipline, study and play hard and you will conquer the world.


I would surely tell myself to work harder, obtain as much information as possible and to give 110 % on each test. I would inform myself that the transition from high school to college isn't a piece of cake and I need to take it serious. The journey will be full of ups and downs therefore I need to not dwell on the mistakes I will make. One thing though to eliminate some mistakes from occuring all I have to do is to allow myself to take heed to the information that i'm giving. I would encourage myself to be more active in numerous school functions, volunterer more in my community, and have more school pride. Therefore allowing me to already be use to doing such activities leading into college. I believe if I was able to go back this here little bit of advise would definitely make a impact on my present today.


Attending college is one of the greatest experiences, knowing what I know now I would weigh my options of different schools before I make a choice of which one I choose. My advice to myself would be to go to summer school after I graduated high school to get into Delware State, at times I regret coming to Florida Memorail for at this school you can not always succeed because its who you know here and nothing is base on grades, that I feel I work hard for to not receive help from the school regarding cover a balance. My advice to the young 18 year old of myself would be to weigh my options of colleges.


If i could go back to tell myself about college life. i would definitly tell myself to do scholorhips and participate in school activites. i will also tell myself to apply to many college and do research on what i want to do in my future. also i can tell myself to stay focused and use the help thats provided. College life sometimes feel like your there alone so therefore i would always pay attention to directions that are given uch a how to utilize a syllabus and ect... Also studying i a must in college because tests are there to test your knowledge and its a remider on what you will e doing in the future when you start your career. Also work on a good great point average o you can be excepted into colleges of your first choice. I alo knw that college life is an very fast and independent life. It also allows you to grow and make wise deciions that can affect your life.


study hard, but still have fun. girls will be there , stay focus on you. its alright to try new things and go different places


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior there is so much i would tell myself. First being a high school senior i alaready knew i was going to go to college that was never an issue but what i didnt know is how hard and tough the transition was going to be. As a high school senior i would have told myself to be more ready and focused because college is a big step and everything changes once your here. I would also tell myself that i need to get even more serious and ready to go into the real world. I would also tell myself, To grow up fast because when entering ollege it is a whole new new atmopshere and to prepare yourself. The work in college is much more tougher than the work as a senior in high school. Playing around as a high school senior i would have told my self to stop and get it together because acting like that when entering college is not accpetable because people will expect for anyone coming to college to be mature. Come with a fresh, calm, and good attitude.


I would tell my high school self to take advantage of every opportunity given. With age comes wisdom but illness also comes along. As a recent cancer survivor I am viewing life in a different light. I have always wanted to be successful but didnt take this thought as serious as I should've while at Florida Memorial. I would study harder and do more networking. I would also explore other careers than aren't the "norm". There are alot of occupations in the world that are unknown to those raised in urban environments.


In the beginning of my semester I was worried I would get lost around campus, and that I would fail my first term. Fortunatley I didn't. I'm currently on the deans list, and I have a 3.6 GPA. I like the fact that I attend a small college because the professors are very helpful. They actually take the time out to help their students. They offer great opportunities for their students. I reccomend this University to everyone.


My college experience is a extrodenary feeling , because your next step is being a full adult . College let you be your own person, you determine rather you want to go to class or not or doing very immature things that will get you kick out of school. No parents around only you and your peers. It teaches you responsiblilty and time management. Without those two characteristics. You are not going graduate college. Now days you are going to need a good job to pay your bills. We are in a recession and working at a fasr food resturant , making minimum wage. You are not going to pay your car note,house bills, or even save money. Now if you have a college degree , there are alot of good paying jobs : you can get hire for.


College has helped me a lot through the high school career. it has taught me that everything requires work, not just sit on your but flat. that wont get me anywhere. i have to work and study hard to achieve anything i have planned for the future


In my college experience ive gained the knowledge that this is not high school and there not going to make you go to class if you dont want to. Being in college yea its that step to saying your growing as a person and now you are maturing and you have more responsibilties, but the point is are you willing to take all of that and grow from it. Just attending school period I feel like it has halped me grow and mature into the young lady I appear to be today. Out of all the experiences I had in life my college experience has been the best.


i think with out some type of dagree you won't make it in the world . college is a big door opener to this worl force


Well being that I am the first of my family’s many generations to attend college. It means a great deal to me as well as my family. I will have accomplished something that no one has ever done in my family. Secondly, as a woman I believe that education is key to success, allowing me to want to go through college and experience new things. During my freshman/ sophomore year I lived offcampus with family, and I would have to say that it was not all that fun, or interesting. I was inactive at school and that bothered me. However once I moved on campus, I was always up to date on what’s going on, no longer feel left out of events, its more convenient and I love it to be honest it’s a sense of relief away from people that you see everyday due to relations. I have learned a lot thus far in my college experience as far as interacting with people. Due to the fact that my school is somewhat international I also have learned a lot about other countries. It has been very valuable to attend school at Florida Memorial. I love it.


The most important thing I have gotten out of my college experience is knowledge. It is so exciting to be able to learn and achieve so many things in the class room. Because my school has smaller class sizes my professors are able to help me and my peers on a one on one bases while in class, so I get more out of my experience. Knowing that I am able to learn and actually comphrehend the material on a day to day basis is awesome! I know that once I graduate I will not just be graduating for a diploma, but for a clear and understanding outlook in my particular field of study.


When I first graduated high school, I couldn't wait to get out of Owensboro, Kentucky. All that mattered about my college choice was that it was as far as possible from here. After finally settling with Western (only an hour away), I was swarmed with bills and dorm room expenses. I was over whelmed. And the closer my move in date came, the more nervous I became. I wanted to stay. I wanted to stay in my home town, that I had wanted so badly to escape from just months earlier. I saved thousands of dollars by choosing to stay in Owensboro and obtain some credit hours here. I live at home and don't have to pay any dorm life expenses. But with the spring approaching I now feel comfortable enough to leave. I plan to transer to the University of Kentucky and proudly take my credit hours with me. I have learned to really consider all of my options before I make a decision and I have also learned to apply for scholarships because even the smallest bit of help is worth it in the long run.


I have really learned responsibility, I knew coming into college that it wouldnt be easy but I didnt realize how easily you can get distracted. They are so much going on everyday I tend to push studing until later, which hasn't always worked in my favor. I love my school, its like a family and family only wants to see you succeed


In colege i always thought that it would be a big challenge. But ever since i made the step to attend Florida Memorial University, it has been an easy transition. The campus is a friendly environment, and allows you to be yourself. The faculty is most welcoming to any problems that may occur in your school/personal life. Tthis valuable because there can be alot of stress with entering college. But if the people are welcoming the it makes it an easier transition.


A Highschool Senior can have alot of responsibilities and tasks to worry about. That can describe me in my Senior year of Highschool.There was a ton of things that I wanted to do or accomplish in one year.Some activities like joining new clubs and organizations, going out to senior events, and keeping good grades consisted of effort and energy but kept me thinking.I knew that I was a smart and intelligent person who wanted to graduate with my dreams and goals alive. This story or picture may seem perfect but in reality it's not.I made a huge midstake by worrying so much about these things that they passed me by.Ididn't get a chance to go to those important events that my school had scheduled for hard-working students.Even though I deserved to attend because I was one of those hard-working students and I tried hard to complete my tasks such as coming to school ontime and completing work, I didn't and it hurted me very much. If I could go back and change my ways and kept my focus as a graduating student, I would have and made it through.


I would let myself know not to stress it like i did, college is not that difficult. People seem to over exadurate about college. College life is fun full of freedom. The option to choose classes that fit your schedule. College is the key to your future. Also just do everything on time, dont stall on your aplication and do thing thing early.


There is really only one thing that I would tell myself, and that is to be more active about applying for scholarships. Because the more you apply, the more money you can potentially get for school


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would remind myself to take advantage of all open opportunities. Even though I was at the top of my class, I was quite lazy when it came to finding scholarships and grants. I would tell myself to keep focused and keep my momentum going.


The advice that i would give myself if i was back in high school would be, to stay focused no matter what. Things in life may or may not go your way but what really shows your inner strength is how you keep fighting for what you want when everything doesn't look right. being a leader and paving the way for those behind you should be the most important part of education.


I would tell myself to start filling out application for finacial aid early as possible, because if you don't there is a good chance that you will not be able to afford to stay in the school you want to go to.


Have as much fun as possible make friends and meet new people. don't be afraid to take on challenges and fear of the unknown there will be many people there to help you along the way.Stay focused and try your best turn in all your work on time and show up for every class. Also remember to be polite and build a relationship with your professeor go by their office and show them you are willing to learn take lots of notes and STUDY STUDY STUDY. Create a study group with friends to keep on top of your work and never be afraid to ask for help also join different organizations and be active on campus make a difference in your community.Set up your classes so you wont be burnt out take a break when you are feeling overwhelmed don't wait to the last minute to do work.Try to get internships early and do more than one. Again have alot of fun these are the best years of your life and you will make life long friends.


I would tell myself to make sure I'm prepared.I would make sure that I had all of my paperwork together and submitted before I get to the school I'd be attending. I would also stress the importance of time managment. It is so important to make sure to manage your time wisely in college because it is so different from high school. In high school the teachers stay on you about homework and attendance, whereas college the professors are not going to babysit you. There is no wake up call to make sure that you are coming to class on time and there is not hounding you for homework. I would let me know that as much fun as the college experience is, it is that much more work, and it is completely up to me to get it done. I would also stress the importance of remaining somewhat close to home as a freshman. Considering the fact that is will be my first "on my own" it would be smart to stay close to my family so when difficult times approach I won't feel so lost and lonely.


Receiving an education is the most critical aspect of life. A college education makes way for endless possibilities and you must begin in high school. Making the grade IS IMPORTANT and this is because you have a greater chance of being excepted to the school of choice. Focus on your future and envision your life as though you are already there. It may scary at first, yet it is no different than begining any other school year and yet it is a major stepping stone. Ask yourself, what am I passionate about? Than research schools and all they have to offer. DON"T take time off afterhigh school graduation , almost always you will lose your vision. And, as time goes on life does get in the way and then you find yourself at a crossroad that may seem impossible. However, it is never to late to continue on with your education. I encourage you to continue persuing your dreams. Look forward to tomorrow with enthusiasm and never give up on yourself. You are your only chance at success. Challenge yourself and reap the rewards. It's all up to you.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as high school senior, the advice I would give myself is too start having better time management skills (academically and socially), and find a mentor. I would give myself this advice about time management, because their where several times in high school I would find myself procrastinating, and just making the dead line for final projects, and that?s not how I would like to start off a new phase in my life. Socially, I would say time management because, there are so many activities; such as, sororities that you may be interested in, and you have a job, then you would need to know how balance yourself between all these academic and social functions. Lastly, a mentor, would be great, the reason beginning is the factor of the college experience. Personally, I think my college experience would have been a lot better if I had someone to guide me through it.


I would tell myself to never get discouraged because i can do anything i put my mind to. I would also tell myself that with God all things are possible and it his him who gives me strength.


Always do a college tour of the school you are interested in, and ask questions that will make you feel like your at home if you attend that school.


Some tips about finding the right college include identifying important college attributes, searching for schools that fit your criteria, visiting campuses, comparing schools on your list, applying for those schools, and deciding which schools to attend. All of these tips will assist you in making the right choice. As far as making the most of the college experience goes, your college years will probably the most opportunist and exciting years of your list. Take full advantage of all the opportunities that you get offered during your college years because you will never be able to get those years of your life back. In college you meet life long friends, experience life challenges and get exposed to colossal amount of knowledge and education. Never take advantage of your college experience because they go by before you realize it.


some advice i would give is to start their research early so you can have some time to visit some of the colleges in which you are willing to apply for and you can know if the school is right for you


To the Students: Attending college is a milestone in any individual's life. At this point in time, you are no longer as dependent on your parents as you were when you were back in grade school. This is where you learn how to survive and become independent. Finding and selecting the right college is one of the most important decisions that you, as a young adult, will have to make. Everything about that institution will affect your matriculation through college; from the environment that surrounds you to the students you interact with everyday to the faculty that will advise you. Make sure to take your time in selecting the right college for you because it is imperative. For instance, it is often time difficult to transfer credits to other institutions, which often time results in a loss of time, money, and effort. Take advantage of all of the internships and community service activities that are available to you because they only come around once in a lifetime. I advice you to make the most out of your college experience because they can be the best years of your life that you will never be able to get back.


My advice is just to to get information from reliable sources, such as teachers, alumni, even your parents, that can direct you to best choices of colleges. When your research has brought you to a list of choices you should tour those colleges just to get a personal feel for them. Once you have made your choice, i recommend that early on you really focus on your acedemics, but also find time to socialize and know the people in your school. Its also a good idea t become involved in student activites and clubs. However, do not let other interests distract you from your real purpose in college, to focus on your academics.


Make sure it is something that you are looking forward to whether it has to do with what you want to study or sports or activities and clubs on campus


Advice that I would give parents and students about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience would be to make sure when picking a college dont let anyone pick for you . Make sure that the ciolege is one that you will emjoy academically, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. The reason I say this is because it doesn't make sense to go to a four year college that you are not goin to like. So when picking a college make sure that you like it, make sure that you have friends there or make new friends so that you will be able to socialize with old and new friends. Doing this you will be able to become aquainted with other.


Always visit the school first. Visit the dorms find out, what is the procedure of requesting a housing assignment? The hours that the cafeteria and study laboratory is open for operation. Speak with the students on campus find out what they do at night or weekends and what do they do for fun. How safe is the campus? How sufficient is the education?


When preparing for college the best thing I did was to make lists of things that I needed to do and prioritize them. Making lists helped me to become more organized and efficient. Now that I am finish with undergraduate level college I still write everything down and it really helps me to keep on top of things and also not to procrastinate. Procrastination is the easiest thing to do and the hardest thing to get away from. In searching for colleges and later choosing a college, I have had a few experiences that would be worth telling. One word of advice to underclassmen would be to make sure you visit the colleges you are interested in. Make sure you visit colleges before you make a final choice?it's going to be your home for the next four years.If you are looking for a way to get involved on your campus, check into tutoring. Many colleges have a Learning Center?a central hub where people can come for help with school work. If you are competent in a subject and would like to help out your fellow students, this could be the job for you.


I would like to advise parents to take their children to school .because school is verry important in our life ,it's help us getting into the new modern life with happiness and joyce .