Florida SouthWestern State College Top Questions

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My school is very diverse and They make sure every student is on the right track.


My school is affordable and close to my home and enables me to receive a good education while I consider my next endeaver.


Nothing really.


It is extremely close to where I live and has a beautiful campus.


My school is unique because the profesors that teach there care about the student's grade ; if a student is willing to try hard and accept help, the professors will do eerything in their power to help the student understand the material. Also my school has a free tutoring program that does wonders for the student's that may be struggling on a perticular subject.


Several factors contributed to my decision to attend Edison State College in the summer of 2010. First of these factors is cost. The tuition for ESC is much lower than the other colleges/universities in the area. My major is also offered at ESC, and why wouldn't I accept the same education at a lowered rate? Lastly, the location of ESC is convienent and easy to commute.


My school has the whole picture. Great professors, small focused classes, many student activities and opportunites and a campus located in a beautiful location.


I have only attended Edison; therefore I do not know much about other schools to be able to compare them.


What's unique is the fact that it is so close to home. It's not in some incredibly popular city like Miami or Orlando. Any average student can apply and attend school here, and not have to worry about moving away from home. This makes the whole college experience easier because teenagers aren't struggling to pay rent or couch surfing at their friends' places. Another factor is that the school is attached to a very accomplished theater, The Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall. It's where all the plays in the area are shown.


At Edison State College the classes sizes are small which is very helpful when you need one on one time with the professor.


Edison is alive and colorful, but what I like most is that unlike other schools I have attended it is not all baout drinking and parties, but actual learning and diversity.


It's smaller than most of the other schools I looked into so you get more out of your classroom experience.


I think the staff here is very understanding as well as caring.


What is unique about my school is that the classes are not very big, so students can have more one on one time with their professor. And at Edison State College everyone is willing to help a student excel. a perfect example of that is the Student Support service, They really help students achieve their goals. They have a sholarship program to help students with financial need, . And a peer mentoring program for new students who are start college. Starting college can be very overwhelm and scary, so they have already exciting college student to help the new ones adjust.

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