Florida SouthWestern State College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


In my case I want a degree in criminal justice


Some one with a set career goal other than nursing.


A person looking for that "college life", this is the first step for getting into a bigger four year University.


A person who is looking for a good education and needs a cheap school they can afford.


Any one should attend this school, it is one of the most diverse schools that I think you could find. There are people who are coming back to school, people who just got out of high school, and then people like me who took a year or two off and decided it was time to start college.


I feel everyone is welcomed, hard-working or not. It's a general college, but it can offer alot if you just know how to utilize it. The tuition isn't that bad either- in fact it's the cheapest college in the area. I don't plan on stopping at Edison, I just thought it would be a good start. But if I do all the right things here, it could help make my journey less painful for my wallet. You can work and get an education at the same time and make it just fine.


Edison State College is really a great school to help any student that is still unsure of the direction that they would like to take for their career path. It is not really a good choice for someone that is seaking a specific major. For example they offer an AS degree in Physical Therapist Assisting via satelite thru Broward Community College but you must go to a University to receive a degree as a Physical Therapist.


To be honest, what kind of question is that? The fact that the question has "not" and "shool" stated in it doesn't make any sence to me. School is a place for learning and everyone is entitled to learn more and expand their educational need, no matter what their age is. To answer this question, there isn't one person on this earth that "shouldn't" attent this school.


People who think it is easy,who expect things to be handed to them and not willing to prepare.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who just doesn't care about their education. The students are all hard working, with families and multiple jobs that are trying to advance themselves with this school.


A person that is looking to attend a large school. If I were younger and looking to meet new people and have more of a college experience I would try an find a larger school that has more students and offers more academically and socially.


You shouldn't attend this school unless they want a bachelors degree in education or just a specific associates degree. This type of school should be a starting out school to see if college is for you. Edison College isn't the type of school for someone who already has their bachelors and is looking to earn their masters. They don't have a lot of different degree options but it is sufficient for the student that has just gotten out of school.

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